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Inside and outside of steel look forward to develops simultaneously break iron o

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As iron ore price negotiated 2008 of the result affirmatory finally, the domestic steel look forward to that includes Bao Gang, Wu Gang to wait for bibcock inside will raise cost considerably again. A personage disclosed some steel look forward to a few days ago, inside and outside develops simultaneously seek the iron ore source with inferior value additionally, will conduce to domestic steel look forward to breaking need and need of the tycoon of 3 big iron ore such as develop " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " . The iron ore that signed 2007 rises in price the agreement of 65% is carried out formally already since April 1, 2008. And the negotiation result 2008 is, mine of the Pb pink ore deposit that domestic steel look forward to had accepted force develop to put forward, Yang Di pink, Pb piece mine will be in rose respectively on the foundation 2007 79.88% , 79.88% , the condition of 96.5% . Have an analyst preliminary estimation, come so, wu Gang's annual ore cost will raise 1 billion yuan of above, cost of whole steel look forward to will raise 7 billion yuan. The price that increases domestic coke, cooking coal rises continuously, the management cost pressure of steel look forward to increases increasingly. The money newspaper of fierce steel share shows, the operating costs first quarter was the company about 2008 12.7 billion yuan; But after 2 quarters iron ore rises in price, the company is added in the operating costs of 2 quarters it is 16.8 billion yuan, grow 32% first quarter than going up. This company is managed in its also make clear in circumstance discussion and analysis point out, 2008 first half of the year, the management cost that because the abidance of the raw material price such as iron ore, coal rises,gives a company brought pressure. Afore-mentioned personages expressed a few days ago, difficulty is developed in domestic natural resources big, below the case with too high price of main entrance channel, look for ore origin channel additionally to also can alleviate effectively the rise of cost of steel look forward to. Above all, if can change iron ore to import the current situation with onefold channel, in the open up is new entrance channel besides current importer, the active advantageous position that conduces to steel look forward to mastering a negotiation. The data shows, resource of world iron ore basically is centered in the country such as Australia, Brazil, Russia, Wukelan, India, Canada, south Africa. Mix except Australia among them besides Brazil, the iron ore natural resources of Russia is very substantial also. Main hold in store is in the iron ore resource of Russia Siberia area, at present ascertain reserves is 4 billion tons, the quantity that contain iron is in 40% above. At present the mine source of this part area mostly without development. If Chinese steel look forward to can wait for means to intervene through buying, may find another way that gets resource. And at present actual condition is, the main source of iron ore of entrance of domestic steel look forward to is Australia need and need the company of fresh water river valley of develop company and force develop company and Brazil, to its iron ore supplies dependence stronger, because this is in the negotiation is constant by coerce with stopping to supply. In addition, make full use of deficient iron ore of home, through improving technological process also solve on can certain level those who be short of mine is difficult. Although lean ore holds domestic mine source main position, but resource of a few lean ore also is put in a few latent capacity seeking ore deposit. The data shows, total reserve of our country iron ore is 46.2 billion tons about, take world total reserve 17.86% the left and right sides, 1/4 what capacity of resources of iron ore of average per capita is world average level only. And be in already in the iron ore of ascertain, lean ore held great majority, the iron of ore is savoured it is only 10% . Grade of resource of domestic iron mine is low, compound degree tall, need costs many time and cost to undertake mineral separation is handled. Accordingly, steel look forward to chooses commonly " seek far and neglect what lies close at hand " , import iron ore in great quantities. Nevertheless, researcher of business having ticket thinks, although iron ore resource scarcity of home with take temporary solution, but the cost that more or less can also help partial steel look forward to reduce entrance iron ore. In fact, in last few years partial steel look forward to develops domestic mine actively. Besides head the Hubei of steel iron ore of E Xigao phosphor, heavy steel also is developing the mine of Sichuan cool hill. In steel assist an expert also expresses, development country mine is helpful for striving for stand-in in international negotiation.

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