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The United States is curule collaboration of the sources of energy in weighing t

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Kathleen Fuleidelikesen of minister of assistant of representative of American energy department expresses 13 days, the two countries in the United States strengthens cooperation in energy field advantageous to both sides. On hearing that United States Congress held that day, the Ke Sen in fred expresses, the economic dimensions of the two countries in the United States and the influence to international energy market, decided two countries the sources of energy is safe closely related the target. She thinks, the cooperation in respect of technology of new energy resources is strengthened in the United States, the sources of energy that raises each other uses efficiency, it is a target that is worth hard, and also will conduce to relation of stable two countries. The Ke Sen in fred with China coal project is liquefaction of divine China group exemple say, this project has in square technology innovates, also have the technical support of the many countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan, the practice experience of this project also will promote the development of technology of American clean coal. She still says, american government thinks, energy security, environment can last development and economic prosperity, crucial to the two national capital in the United States. And the challenge that aux will be able to cooperates to answer field of current energy resources effectively to exist in the United States.

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