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European Union of short duration is incorrect my fastener is collected oppose du

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As we have learned, turn over dumping committee to turn over a dumping to investigate a program according to the European Union, will rise on August 9, the European Union will be collected to industry of our country fastener oppose dumping tax temporarily, but as a result of fine association of industry of imports and exports of the fastener that start city forms a delegation twice go to Europe active go canvassing, undertake nondestructive kills counterplea, caused an European Union to turn over the attention of dumping committee. Commerce of the Europe in considering is actual, the European Union turns over dumping committee to oppose fastener dumping proposal delay is reduced first to next year Feburary, with cut amalgamative adjudication into parts eventually, abandon be being collected to product of our country fastener temporarily oppose dumping tax temporarily. But, this does not mean an European Union to turn over dumping committee to abandon adopting thoroughly oppose dumping measure. As we have learned, on September 18, the European Union turns over dumping committee to will be called together sue square, should appeal to square and relevant interest just holds a hearing again, have further investigation next, whether will be put up with collected Feburary next year turn over dumping duty to undertake be cuttinged into parts eventually. The European Union turns over dumping committee to reach ruling time defer next year Feburary, right fine the exit of many 90 fastener of case of the experience that start city is one big profit for the enterprise good, but the enterprise also cannot treat sth lightly. Department public figure trades to express via trade bureau fairness outside city, although fine the price of fastener product export that promotes city to accept investigation already rose 50% , but this case still is put in a lot of not certain factor, european Union economy is stagnant, for instance medium favorable balance of trade adds Europe suddenly, the United States second borrow crisis influence, RMB to devalue to euro and the interest just is applied related the European Union pressure etc, affect the adjudication result of this case possibly. Accordingly, fine the time of amortize of half an year that allows city fastener to export an enterprise to should have used this to be striven for, had made relevant preparation actively, if adjust system of strategy of product structure, market, price to wait, the European Union that comes with facing a possibility leisurely opposes dumping policy, lest suffer deadly concussion. As we have learned, to maintain the interest of fastener industry, fine bureau of trade of the classics outside starting city will form a delegation again go to Europe to have farther go canvassing, counterplea and conversation.

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