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The flower falls contest of tycoon of whose home oil buys rights and interests o

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The 4th big Petroleum Company of American -- marathon Petroleum Company (Marathon Oilcorp) selling Angola maritime oil field the 20% rights and interests of 32 area piece, attracted China and India many Petroleum Company attends bid, predict final price will approach 2 billion dollar. Say according to be close to the message personage of this matter, 3 big Petroleum Company of Chinese -- in petrifaction, medium the sea is oily the oil in mixing, company of Indian oil natural gas (Ongc) all participate in contention with Petrobras of Brazilian Petroleum Company this asset. A message personage of hep this matter expresses, by energy adviser responsible this picket sells company Harrison Lovegrove already ended bid, turn into negotiation phase, the likelihood has a result inside several days, final price predicts to approach 2 billion dollar. Potential reserve is huge marathon oil hold area of this oil field piece 30% rights and interests. Sell 20% rights and interests this, it is this company raises funds within a year 2 billion - the one part that the asset of 4 billion dollar adjusts a plan. Finish after selling, marathon Petroleum Company will withhold the 10% rights and interests of 32 area piece, the proportion of rights and interests that has in 31 area piece with its is same. Approval of the month on Angola develops 31 area piece that border to it, the value of 32 area piece that also make potential reserve huge is bullish. Marathon oil says before this, predicting Angola government approves the time that develops 32 areas, the 12-18 after approving will be obtained in 31 area piece inside the month. The analyst Neilmcmahon of Bernsteinresearch says in the research report in the month on its, afore-mentioned two areas piece already discovered oil gas natural resources is total 2 billion - equivalent of 3 billion pails of crude oil. Angola 32 date oil field the other hold of area piece rights and interests person amount to Er for path of French Petroleum Company (occupy 30%) , Angola Sonangol(of state-owned Petroleum Company occupies Sen Meifu of Ike of 20%) , United States (occupy 15%) and Petrogal(of company of Portuguese oil gas to occupy 5%) . Attract company of China of international oil tycoon deep-sea to this oil field is very interested, also long for master deep-sea exploitation skill, use at having mine to oil field of Chinese maritime space. Familiar contest buys the message personage of the process to express, chinese oil tycoon -- in petrifaction group and Chinese marine oil give out contest to buy intention together together, and the oldest oil and natural gas produce China business -- in oil group shares contest prize alone. A bank public figure that did not participate in this matter directly expresses, company of natural gas of oil of his predicting India also will active contest is cast, in addition Brazilian Petrobras also participates in competition. Public figure of bank of another the sources of energy expresses, he predicts this oil field will attract the interest of Eni of numerous United States and European Mai Jiaru Italy. Regard fresh blood of Oupeike as the country, angola raised native oil yield stage by stage through developing new maritime oil field, and Nigeria gets all the time however abiding supply discontinuous torment. An investigation that will release in June according to the the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries shows, the day crude output May amounts to Angola 1.9 million pails, 1.89 million pails when exceed Nigeria again, become Africa the biggest petroliferous country. Data makes clear, nigeria has day to produce crude oil 3 million pails ability, and the day of Angola produces crude oil ability to have 2 million pails only. But, the petroliferous ability of Nigeria suffers the worry of Niger delta armed element fully however. Local armed element passes explosion, burn, kidnap and destroy the method such as oil facilities intentionally to threaten a government, in order to achieve the goal of resource of control place hydrocarbon.

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