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Burgeoning industry forms the sources of energy of biology of Wang Jinxiang Chin

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The country develops innovation appoint vice director Wang Jinxiang was a few days ago on forum of high level of congress of industry of biology of the 2nd China say, a batch of burgeoning industries such as Chinese biology the sources of energy are being formed, cassava, sweet the raw material is not grain such as broomcorn makes fuel alcohol industrialization accelerate, derv of a batch of biology, straw generates electricity the project is being built, investment grows quickly. Wang Jinxiang expresses, china will increase the raw material that be not grain to produce the research of biology the sources of energy, increase the investment that studies development and industrialization to biology energy technology, establish finance fund preferential buy system of product of own innovation biology, the product of important live thing such as the fuel alcohol that opposite matter diesel oil, raw material generates electricity and produces via approval gives support. From 20 centuries since 90 time, china already entered rapid growth to the demand of oil energy resources period, oil consumption increases continuously. 2004, china already became the 2nd old oil of world to consume country and entrance country. Chinese oil consumption achieved 346 million tons 2007, oil is imported external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent achieve 46.05% . Grow continuously in energy demand, below the setting that price of the sources of energy rises significantly, china develops biology the sources of energy actively to wait but second birth the sources of energy in order to ensure national energy resources is safe. September 2007, the country was released " but long-term development plans in second birth the sources of energy " , put forward China clearly but the strategic stress that second birth the sources of energy develops and overall objective. Strive 2010, but 10% what consumption of second birth energy achieves the sources of energy to consume gross, achieve to 2020 15% . China increases strength to encourage biology the sources of energy to develop, but hold to " do not contend for grain with the person, do not contend for the ground with grain " principle, strict control uses the fuel of biology of food oily product such as corn. Cao Xianghong of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering points out on forum, chinese mouth is much, resource of the commissariat that can regard biology as the sources of energy, oil plants is very few, but the raw material resource that can regard biology as the sources of energy still has tremendous latent capacity. Crop straw still has 60% to be able to be used at energy use, the silvan exploitation lave that has about 40% is raw use. He is forecasted, be in 30 years of future, china can develop about 2 billion tons raw material the sources of energy at least, add up to coal of 1 billion tons of mark, innovation of science and technology of Chinese biology energy and industrialization already gained certain headway. What Tsinghua university develops is sweet in already completing a project, new technology of production of broomcorn fuel ethanol tries and design into travel demonstrative factory, be about to realize industrialization; Shandong spring starts stone trade group " the element closes " the biology gas that place of project of biology fuel industrialization produces and index of biology derv quality already excel is Euramerican standard, already built the biology fuel product line of 150 thousand tons of dimensions at present, will build 1 million tons to produce in jujube village can product line.

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