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The development home of 2 heavy successes forging of first nuclear report tube p

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By China tube plate of first report of 2 1000mw nucleuses will carry the home of 2 heavy development on July 18 examine eligible, this action is indicating equipment of phone of our country nucleus is homebred change gain revolutionary headway again. Nuclear report tube plate is the 2nd generation is improved model one of crucial parts in generator of nuclear electricity steam, its diameter is 3600mm, ply is 860mm, what pledge to product ability is pure spend and demand of index of each mechanical function is very high, the variety with the greatest difficulty is made in forging of the report that belong to a nucleus. At present only Japan Jsw is mixed on the world the few number company such as Famatong can make France this kind of large forging. In the crucial period that report of our country nucleus develops greatly, the development of large forging more and more become those who restrict nuclear report to build plan " card neck " problem. What advance nuclear report forging to accelerate is homebred change, cast off the situation of person of be enslaved to be enslaved to as soon as possible, last year on September 28, china 2 heavy with in east of wide nucleus, China is electric signed nuclear report forging to supply a contract, assume an electrician of nucleus of first phase of river of Liaoning red edge actively the large forging that Cheng is badly in need of develops the mission. Investment of first nuclear report tube plate produces around, 2 take seriously highly all the time again, every every link, working procedure carries out product quality strictly to run a system, organize production according to nuclear safety regulations and program document requirement, assured those who develop a process nuclear report tube plate is whole can accuse and undertake in order. After development of nuclear report tube plate comes out, because suffer seismic effect, 2 heavy shares test equipment is differred the attaint of degree, the east of inspection agency China that the sample of each mechanical function of tube plate of first 2 nucleuses report sends past country attestation is electric group east boiler material lab undertook strict, serious, meticulous examine, the result shows, the nuclear report tube plate of 2 heavy development each technology index is completely eligible, and achieved international advanced level, index of partial technology parameter even the congener product that company of excel Japan Jsw makes. Current, 2 outside dividing afore-mentioned tube plate again, evaporator place uses place of pressure vessel of brief section, reactor to use flange, transfer annulus, take-over paragraph wait to also be developed successful, advancing strictly by craft.

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