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Carry fast fluctuation to swim big province of industrial program iron and steel

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A few days ago, moving bureau of Heibei industry economy is released Heibei saves steely industry to run a report to say first half of the year, 2008 1-6 month, heibei iron and steel industry advocate business Wu income finishs three hundred and eighty-seven billion nine hundred and five million yuan, grew 58.27% compared to the same period; Industry increases a value to finish eighty-nine billion six hundred and twenty-one million yuan, grew 14.80% compared to the same period; Profit tax finishs thirty billion two hundred and seventy-three million yuan, grew 22.36% compared to the same period. Heibei is crop of countrywide rolled steel the biggest province. Rolled steel crop exceeded 100 million tons 2007, occupy the 1/5 of countrywide gross. But data of statistic of Heibei industry moving bureau also shows, 2008 1-5 month, enterprise of countrywide key iron and steel ton steel profit 480.21 yuan, heibei has 238.94 yuan only, lower than the whole nation 241.27 yuan / ton. Heibei is seeking industrial structure to upgrade, by iron and steel big province saves change by force to iron and steel. Steely production value and profit occupy complete province 1/4 to run bureau data according to Heibei industry, steely industry is Heibei all the time industry of the first pillar, production value and profit occupy the 1/4 that saves gross to Heibei about. Because rolled steel price rises compared to the same period first quarter go up under raw material, first quarter industry profit under last year the corresponding period. As the promotion of rolled steel price, will begin to improve April, to June accumulative total realizes gain eighteen billion two hundred and five million yuan, grew 19.91% compared to the same period. Although total profit grows somewhat, but company profit level falls range is very big however. 2008 1-6 month accumulative total, heibei saves sales profit ratio of iron and steel industry for 4.69% , reduced 1.5 percent compared to the same period, and enterprise of descendent iron and steel of key of whole nation of extent prep above 0.49 percent. Heibei saves the expert such as Song Jijun of metallurgy association vice-chairman to analyse, the main reason that profit of Heibei steely industry drops is extensive of company growth pattern, integrated competition ability is poor, add the raw material such as iron ore rises in price first half of the year this year rapid, foreign trade exports policy to adjust, the profit that created Heibei iron and steel industry from this drops in the round. Heibei industry moving bureau releases Heibei saves steely industry to run report middle finger to go out first half of the year, the raw material price such as iron ore rises in price first half of the year this year price of rolled steel of extent prep above rises in price extent. This year first half of the year, price of iron essence pink rises compared to the same period 113% , coke rises in price 94% . Because Heibei is steely,the enterprise is given priority to for medium and small businesses more, itself is not had take " long assist mine " (" long assist mine " it is opposite at " retail mine " , namely the iron mine that large steelworks buys through long-term agreement, its price is made in iron ore negotiation of each years) qualification, when because this is in,entrance iron ore goes up in the round first half of the year this year, heibei steely company should stand mine of merchandise on hand is taller rise in price extent. Heibei industry moving bureau is forecasted, heibei needed 70 million tons to import iron ore 2008, rise in price according to China and the iron ore that Brazil negotiates 65% extent computation, heibei needed 10 billion yuan to be overpay of entrance iron ore 2008. On the other hand, heibei steely product wait for low end with crude steel, crude steel, whorl steel the product is given priority to, the ability that itself digestive raw material rises in price is weaker, the environment that adds extensive of art of go to work to bring pollutes a problem, and the country is energy-saving the requirement of the task that decrease a platoon, heibei steely industry is faced with pressure produce, the important task that upgrade. 2007, heibei steely industry overfulfils national hair to change appoint the energy-saving task decreasing a platoon of the requirement, annual pressing produces 6 million tons. This year 1-6 month, crop of Heibei province steel, rolled steel, cast iron finishs fifty-nine million five hundred and fifty-nine thousand four hundred tons respectively, fifty-nine million and forty-four thousand two hundred tons mix fifty-eight million six hundred and eighty-four thousand one hundred tons, grow 8.92% respectively compared to the same period, 18.13% with 9.28% , of steel and cast iron add fast come 8 years first under 10% . Industry of downstream big integrated Heibei moves bureau statistic data to show on iron and steel, 2008 1-5, enterprise of countrywide key iron and steel ton steel profit 480.21 yuan, enterprise of Heibei key iron and steel ton steel profit has 238.94 yuan only, lower than the whole nation 241.27 yuan / ton, ton the half that steel profit is less than the whole nation. Economic benefits problem already became Heibei to save the outstanding contradiction of steely industry. Heibei and countrywide photograph compare the main reason with economic benefits big difference, it is the difference of breed structure. Current, heibei saves economy to entering comprehensive transition to send exhibition period, and the steely course of study that regards traditional mainstay as the industry, still need to bear the heavy responsibility that transition period economy props up. Additional, in Heibei's new industrial development program, fizzle out city of pasture of Cao the wife of a prince, dark blue the haven of annulus Bohai Sea such as harbor of Hua harbor, island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty plans to produce base for iron and steel, it is faster, better that the steely course of study of Heibei still needs to continue the heavy responsibility that increases ability to finish Heibei to save industrial transition. Heibei metallurgy association tells a reporter about chief, heibei iron and steel walks out of the way that low benefit produces, basically depend on industrial structure upgrading, reduce the production of product of the small talent that carry steel, the product of rolled steel of high additional cost below development loop economy. A few days ago, iron and steel of Heibei Han Dan and Tang Shan are steely two old steel mill are amalgamative for Heibei steely group. Heibei is saved with this seek its are in the speech of countrywide steely industry counterpoises, continue to hold the position that the first iron and steel saves greatly. Besides Heibei steely group, the steel mill that Heibei visits existing crude steel to produce per year 1 million tons of above 28, but distributing too concentration. The main task that Heibei province adjusts steely industry position leads steely industry namely to coastal haven layout, fall into disuse backward produce can. 45% need import Heibei iron ore, the 1/3 need of coke is provincial transfer into, here the circumstance falls, heibei province held steely industry to analyse the conference a few days ago, the coal that appetent and integrated Heibei saves, coke produces a business, help steel look forward to is solved and reduce pressure of cost of upriver raw material. For example, national endowment is saved in Heibei appoint take the lead below, hill of Heibei the Tang Dynasty opened Luan colliery to establish strategic cooperation agreement with Tang Shan iron and steel, colliery opening Luan is preferential the coal that makes sure Tang Shan is steely, coke supplies need. Similar of such steelworks and colliery " man-to-man " the side is helped up, heibei province is studying. "From iron and steel big province is saved by force to iron and steel " Heibei province holds to change train of thought all the time, but go up in this road, still have a lot of labyrinthian. In steel assist a personage tells a reporter, heibei steely group hangs out his shingle the progress that held water to show resource of conformity of Heibei steely course of study, heibei province can promote more steel look forward to to incorporate next. Additional, the haven of Heibei annulus Bohai Sea such as pasture of Cao the wife of a prince faces resource completely kind, heavy goods is distributing center harbor transition, iron ore of northern henceforth region imports base to will turn to pasture of Cao the wife of a prince by Tianjin harbor. Heibei province is strengthening him to counterpoise in the speech of raw material domain ceaselessly, achieve power of oneself steely industry speech then. Controller of afore-mentioned Heibei metallurgy association express, the train of thought that Heibei steely industry reforms is, according to " breed, quality, integrated " guiding principle and " go up to press bad of the bring down of small, heighten, discard that help actor greatly " implementation way, drive Heibei to save steely industry to be transformed to finish machining by rough machining, by low end the product is transformed to high-end product, transform to coastal layout by outback layout, develop change to concentration by dispersive development, cogent enhance integrated competition ability, save stride by force to iron and steel hard.

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