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Domestic in short supply China raises coke cooking coal to export custom duty ag

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15 days of evening, the Ministry of finance issues an announcement, begin from August 20, provisional to the exit of coke tax rate by 25% rise to 40% ; Coking coal exports provisional tax rate by 5% rise to 10% ; Other soft coal collect exit provisional custom duty, provisional tax rate is 10% . Since 2008, supply and demand of our country coal is overall slant close, but in international coal market exuberant demand is controlled below, coal exports the Qi Sheng that estimate value. Although already cut year accordingly,export quota. The country before this already controlled coal export through the method of taxation and quota, this year the beginning of the year, the country exports coke provisional tax rate by 15% increase to 25% . General commerce coke exports quota to be 2.39 million tons only, and first coke export quota was 9.62 million tons 2008. As a result of 2008 spurt in prices of international cooking coal, bring about coke to supply slant close price rises subsequently, cause an international market the cooking coal to home and coke demand increase sharply. Rise to be added to coke exit from January 1 in the country impose custom duty by 15% add fall to the circumstance of 25% , 1 ~ will export coke to be 960 thousand tons respectively in May, 730 thousand tons, 1.24 million tons, 1.34 million tons, 1.66 million tons, a bit fall after a rise will be 1.5 million tons in June. 1 ~ in June, accumulative total exports coke 7.44 million tons, drop compared to the same period 7.55% . But of the addition as a result of international market demand and tax rate of export custom duty rise, exit coke is average in May FOB already by go up the 173 dollars of year of the corresponding period / ton climb litre to 464.83 dollars / ton, rise compared to the same period 291.83 dollars / ton, rise 168.69% . June, average FOB amounts to 498.32 dollars, achieve the history again new tall. Gold of chairman of guild of Chinese coking plant is dry express, international market of predicting second half of the year is right demand of our country coke will somewhat hasten delay, volume of export of our country coke is likely slightly under go up year of level. As a result of international market coal rise in price substantially, this year first half of the year, our country imports coal in all 21.55 million tons, drop compared to the same period 20.4% . But of coking coal natural resources strange be short of, enterprise of a few cooking must increase the import from abroad. 1 ~ June, the whole nation imports coking coal 2.94 million tons, increase compared to the same period 4.43% , will import May among them add reach six hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred tons, grow 50% compared to the same period; Will import five hundred and eighty-three thousand one hundred tons June. The high price of coal of international market coking, also stimulated the export of coal of domestic coal industry at the same time, first half of the year, the whole nation exports coal 25.49 million tons, grow 10.2% compared to the same period. Will export June among them amount to 6.99 million tons, grow 83% compared to the same period. Change only first half of the year last year import coal is 3.95 million tons this year the only outlet coal first half of the year 3.94 million tons pattern, enter, differ 7.89 million tons, thereby aggravate the grim situation with domestic coal in short supply natural resources. At the same time 1-6 month, domestic coking coal exports 1.82 million tons, grow 15.79% compared to the same period; Will export May among them jump reach six hundred and ninety-four thousand seven hundred tons, grow 5.91 compared to the same period times, will export 360 thousand tons June. Alter the aspect that year after year of coking coal exit drops since 2004. The analyst expresses, in price of domestic coke cooking coal and international market increasingly adjacent setting falls, the country raises exit tariff substantially, meaning cutting flat domestic and international price to differ control exit, in order to make sure the industry produces demand related the country, avoid cooking coal coke to soare to be conducted to the price of downstream industry catenary continuously with negative effect.

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