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China rises in price for curb iron ore raise coke to export tax rate

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Chinese government will issue an announcement on August 18, the decision will rise on August 20, export coke provisional tax rate by current 25% rise to 40% . Analyse a personage to think here, meaning of official this action is restraining product of tall pollution, high-energy bad news to export, alleviate domestic coke is supplied slant tight situation, reduce the indirect subsidy that involves a trade to foreign photograph at the same time. Because international home market is put in greater value difference, chinese coke exit is in a few months grow the head this year faster. Customs data shows, chinese accumulative total exports coke first half of the year forty thousand seven hundred and forty tons, will export May among them amount to sixty thousand one hundred and sixty tons, refresh 2 7 years 00 since only month exports a record. To control export, 2008 the beginning of the year, the government exports coke provisional tax rate by 15% increase to 25% . Department of Commerce announces last month quota of export of coke of the 2nd batch of general commerce is ninety thousand two hundred and thirty tons only this year, and first coke export quota is twenty thousand nine hundred and sixty tons this year. Show effect gradually as policy, july, chinese coke exit dropped to be become compared to the same period 5, it is thirty thousand and eighty tons. Forecast inside course of study, coke of second half of the year speaks a volume or slightly under go up year of level. Committee of tax regulations of national custom duty returned the custom duty that waits for commodity to aluminium alloy to undertake adjustment in the announcement. Since August 20, the government will be right general commerce the aluminium alloy of next exit collects exit provisional custom duty, provisional tax rate is 15% ; Export coking coal provisional tax rate by 5% rise to 10% ; Wait to other soft coal collect exit provisional custom duty, provisional tax rate is 10% .

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