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During the Olympic Games Shenyang discharges water pumping station 42 times to b

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Current, shen Cheng is worth advocate flood season. Many citizens are afraid: During the Olympic Games if come suddenly an urgent rain, shen Cheng's catchment can be able to stand? On August 12, the reporter understands from group of Shenyang water Wu, current, office of government of town drain off water has done good flood prevention or control to prepare, movement of pumping station of 42 drain off water of whole town is normal, can answer sudden danger affection effectively. Before the Shenyang at the beginning of June 2008 enters flood season, the machine pump that office of government of town drain off water has organized manpower to discharge water pumping station each to whole town, wiring undertook comprehensive overhaul. In the meantime, to tower of 5 love, workers and peasants, be high up in the air, north, Chong Dong, esteemed the catchment pool that catchment pumping station waits for on the west to also undertake silt of key Qing Dynasty, raised pumping station smoke litre discharge ability. Today in every rain of summer, management of town drain off water is in perambulatory personnel to be able to drive a few seeper to serious street way or place, analyse the seeper problem of here. A complete solution is taken out after needing rain, one by one tries to solve. Up to now, whole town has transformed cop ageing, physical features of a place low-lying wait for seeper to order more than 100 part. Concerned branch emphasizes particularly, once have big rainfall, pumping station of 42 drain off water of whole town can be in conduit of rise high into the air of a kind of green tea, smoke with all one's strength in rain litre. Once rainfall slants big, shenyang city can open the gate of the direct muddy river such as 5 love, workers and peasants in time according to rainfall circumstance, make rainwater OK emit into muddy river quickly directly in, increase speed of urban drain off water and capacity. Office of government of town drain off water still established emergency squad of lash-up of 5 flood prevention, plan the installation such as car of professional rush to deal with an emergency, sumbersible pump and generation set. In addition, when rainstorm of Shenyang city assault, besides arrangement personnel arrives road surface at any time perambulatory, keep clear of at any time by the well sundry outside, crossroads of road of city of northward like young ave books, culture, south the key such as street of 5 driveways, Taiyuan, 5 love street is easy seeper a section of a highway, office of government of town drain off water can arrange a staff member additionally " take strict precautions against defend to the last " , when once produce the condition such as seeper,ensuring, can be in take step of rush to deal with an emergency for a short while.

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