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The expert of countrywide pump industry gathers together Wen Ling edits sumbersi

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On August 13, 14 days, the 8th board and countrywide agriculture machinery standardize branch of machinery of irrigation and drainage of society of Chinese agriculture machinery member of working group of technical committee sumbersible pump, gather together " the countryside of Chinese water pump " town of big brook of Wen Ling city, undertake study to edit with respect to the standard of sumbersible pump. The expert that comes from countrywide pump industry and water pump are famous entrepreneur, in the light of raw material rises first half of the year this year, RMB exchange rate rises, service fee rises, manufacturing cost rises, profit drops and product of agriculture machinery of home of Europe United States discharges a standard to carry advanced and a lot of adverse element, put forward to edit of sumbersible pump standard answer measure. The expert of countrywide pump industry thinks, want to answer the pump trade situation of good home, international, must want aggrandizement innovation consciousness, competitive consciousness, raise content of product science and technology, execute standardization to produce pattern, energy-saving open a source, reduce cost hard. Countrywide agriculture machinery standardizes working group of technical committee sumbersible pump, to pump kind reach irrigate the requirement of standard of 17 content of the standard, machinist industry and quality undertook discussion study, preliminary formed metric system of state of domain of a sumbersible pump course of study to edit plan, wait for after passing practice, argumentation, come on stage again.

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