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Regard the arms of the person at the head of a procession of industry of our cou

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Regard the arms of the person at the head of a procession of industry of our country valve as the enterprise, big tall valve is the first takes door going abroad company in domestic person of the same trade. Going up early century 80 time are prime, introduced Canadian Wei Lan (VELAN) the advanced technique of the company, expedite project technology personnel for many times, head for Canada, Japan, United States study, applied the international such as ASME, ANSL, RCC-M advanced standard, obtained nuclear safety of American oil consortium, Norwegian ship's classification society, country early or late the intelligence letter that the international home such as the bureau issues about the branch, all these entered nuclear cable market to lay firm foundation for the company. However, going up century 90 time evening, suffer the effect of state-owned company common fault, as the big tall valve of the state-owend enterprise, was immersed in the predicament that is afterwards hard likewise. Recieved orders 1999 at the first currently holds the post ofleading group composition important matter in jeopardy, regard an enterprise as nuclear cable project 100 useless need the directional product that cite, be being done is 10 years.
As the state-owend enterprise change to civilian battalion enterprise, the direction of structure of product of big tall valve also is transferred to nuclear report gradually.
5 years ago, paying tremendous change control cost while, introducing the design method with advanced international, testing instrument and the foundation of all sorts of test equipment to go up, bend of big tall valve its are all, investment was introduced nearly 50 million yuan advanced machining center and fast accuse lathe, among them press of 6300 tons of hot die forging is current a of the only in domestic person of the same trade production equipment. These high-grade equipment, add the new plant area of modernization of on 10 much square metre, make big tall valve is in price of the upper part of the body of nuclear cable market times add.
According to the need of nuclear power, cent of nuclear safety valve, 2, third class class, be in at present on our country in manufacturer of production of 10 thousand valve, obtain " nuclear aptitude " manufacturer is not worth 10, and obtain top class valve (one class) those who produce aptitude is only two, big tall valve is home in the person of the same trade the first obtains this highest " ticket " manufacturer, also be the business that at present domestic only gets two years special fund supports the country continuously, all these makes with might doubled of big tall valve, send on market of nuclear power plant and cannot close: 2002, in the country on the 863 projects, fast crowd project of Chinese nuclear energy courtyard, product of big tall valve first batch enters nuclear cable market; 2003, be versed in in division of Tsinghua university, former national defence appoint, the nuclear reaction that development of academy of Chinese nuclear energy develops piles newly on, big tall valve appears again; 2004, in project of nuclear power plant of Chinese aid Pakistan, with one action of big tall valve takes next reactor one, 2, all shut-off valve of 3 class; 2005, be in in in the nuclear power plant of Jiangsu cropland bay that Russia cooperates, the valve that imports as a result of Russia is unqualified, general director of Russian square project guides personnel of Russian project technology and expert Muming to come to big tall valve, inspecting site of data of this company technology, production to reach in detail detect after the method, resolutely the decision replaces entrance product with the product of big tall valve, signed many 4000 contract; Guangdong Daya Bay in mountain bay first phase, valve of domestic nucleus class is " 0 " , 2006, 2 period when extend, big tall valve is the company that domestic only takes nuclear class valve; 2007, in Qin Shan 2 period first own design, built trade of this our country uses nuclear power station on nuclear power plant, of big tall valve one, 2, a powerful person of 3 class nucleus makes of shut-off valve of this nuclear power plant and check valve valve homebred change rate rise at a draught 50% ; This year, in the bag of valve of 4 nucleuses class in invite public bidding of international of nuclear power plant of red edge river, top class company of big tall valve and world makes public contest mark, with one action takes below two packages, of nuclear class valve homebred change rate rise 60% . Current, red edge river, Qin Shan 3 period, the country such as Zhejiang Fang Jiashan is in the project of 9 big nuclear power plant that build, what every project includes two above at least is large the caboodle that press water, the valve that big tall valve is not decline to shoulder a responsibility is main supplier.
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