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Distinguishing feature has most in valve industry forging body encircles kind of

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Forging cent factory admits need according to valve industry, increase cast change investment, the near future was added have 450, 1000 (take axial to grind pressure, grind control height 400) the machine grinding annulus that waits for 4 kinds of norms and to it the annulus such as the hammer of form a complete set, compressor kind home of spare parts production's banner equipment. Developed what distinguishing feature has most in valve industry to forging body encircles kind of spare parts to have maturity forging engineering technology and the technology that grind enlarge.
The annulus that this company grinds annulus characteristic processing technique kind after the spare parts is pressed through grinding, have the following advantage: It is overall material utilization factor tall, manufacturing efficiency is tall. Forging to be compared with other, the spare parts that grind annulus is more adjacent at finished product, decreased to process a volume already so, managing raw material, when saving makings, province, lowered forging price.
2 it is immanent quality particularly admirable: Grinding annulus to be out of shape is radial is compressed, week to outspread, annulus metallic fiber is circumferential and successive compact, orderly arrange and annulus in using suffer force and wear away to suit, the intensity that flattens annulus product so is high, wear-resisting, immanent quality is particularly good.
3 it is value of the product that grind annulus low, quality is good, make your product has competition ability more. Apply to the product that flattens annulus: The flange that uses in conduit installation dish; The body of a powerful person in ball valve, sphere, circle that prop up; The outer lane inside gear, bearing, columnar, cirque, much step cirque.

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