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Be located in the market " the tower is pointed " the preference that foreign br

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Refine Chinese market the demand to valve, be just as structure of a pyramid. Tower needle is an entrance the product is all, with simple essence of life, price little monopoly of tall, quantity is worn high-end user. Of the tower mid it is a foreign trader the domain of solely invested, joint ventures, corresponding is requirement valve quality of moderate of excellent, price in high-end user. As to inside endowment the enterprise basically is in the tower the bottom wanders, contending for low end in order to spell the amount, way that spells the price user. What purchase behavior as Chinese user is rational with each passing day change, brand and quality more and more be taken seriously, the product of solely invested, joint ventures also more and more be favorred. In the meantime, solely invested, joint ventures raises the quality, means nibble that reduces cost to wear through using ceaselessly again the market share that imports a product.

Nearly two years Chinese valve user is opposite of world famous brand have a special liking, make foreign brand much a few minutes more the impulse of investment. According to 2005 year " information of control a powerful person " market research shows a powerful person of magazine China control: FISHER (Emerson) , the higher opinion that the quality of the foreign brand such as Keystone(Tyco) , Neles(Metso) , SAMSON, Masoneilan(Dresser) and technical innovation all receive Chinese home user, suffer investigation user to express: The final factor that chooses to import a product is quality, quality is the key with decision-making brand, price respect should be in only bear peaceful optional choose is a bit more expensive inside limits but character has the product that assure. Because the user can consider commonly such not only OK and managing maintain cost, return the waste that can reduce needless trouble and time.

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