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The valve that report of our country nucleus equips " bottleneck " already was b

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"Use last protective screen of equipment as nuclear energy, the technical content of nuclear a powerful person and security demand are quite high. Accident of report of the first nucleus of world, bring about by relief valve breakdown namely, caused the radioactivity disaster that cannot estimate. What nuclear report equips is homebred change deciding progress of our country economy not only, also deciding national defence is safe. " come on a special trip what big tall valve attends technical appraisement to meet is medium appraisal of equipment of aircraft of wide nucleus nucleus approbates central director Zhao Yueyang to be evaluated so.

It is two years ago, it is in a few big nuclear power plant of our country, valve of homebred nucleus class is occupied only 4% , and it is a nucleus entirely 23 class valve, the valve of 96% counts an import, one class valve is homebred nucleus " 0 " . Factory of our country valve has on 10 thousand, obtain " nuclear aptitude " be not worth 10, and those who obtain valve of top class nucleus to produce aptitude is only two, big tall valve is the first is taken through appraisal not only " ticket " manufacturer, also be the business that gets special fund supports the country two years exclusively continuously. Current, big tall valve has finished what what take on " the nation is major the technology is special " class of nucleus of nuclear phone equipment spends a part independently, fill of the shut-off valve of nuclear power plant that its develop, check valve home is blank, obtain foreign congener product advanced level, broke the monopoly of beautiful law two countries. It is reported, these two kinds of valve also are nuclear power plant uses a measure most, total amount is the largest.

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