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The ceaseless development of market of Chinese valve product as science and tech

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The analysis according to demand of the analysis to technology of domestic and international valve and market of domestic and international valve, excogitate in last few years each industry reachs valve industry with industrial valve trend of development of new and high technology and investment direction. Especially the butterfly a powerful person in valve, shut-off valve, pressure-relief valve.

Wellhead device of 1. oil, natural gas uses valve.

2. oil, natural gas is long be defeated by cop to use valve.

3. nucleus report uses valve.

4. marine oil uses valve.

5. petrifaction, electric power uses valve.

6. environmental protection uses valve.

7. metallurgy system uses valve.

8. alumina is industrial valve.

Device of whole set of 9. large chemical industry uses valve.

10. city building uses valve.

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