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Pump valve industry is the advantage industry with prefectural tradition

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Pump valve industry is the advantage industry with prefectural tradition. This county key is bred those who have is triplex line of business of pump of line of business of pump line of business, valve of AVK valve, Jiang Hong, 3 annulus, Aisike makes pump wait for a batch to already was had quite pump valve business of the foundation, force closes to industrial group is changed. First half of the year, businesses of afore-mentioned valve of pump of 5 dimensions above achieve sales revenue 180 million yuan, grew 40% compared to the same period.
Shipbuilding industry is use with the county rare the industry of late dominant position that the water front resource that lack rises abruptly with situation of beach Tu You quickly. Current, 10 shipping that this county introduces create a company, accelerating a project to build plan. Among them, silver coin in already start working makes a sixteen thousand eight hundred tons bulk cargoboat, medium embellish already start working builds 3 sixteen thousand five hundred tons ship. Future inside 3 years two, the first when shipping makes hopeful become this county one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of industries.
With the limestone natural resources with prefectural substantial have the aid of, current, the Pan Jingshui mud that always invests 1.196 billion yuan already completed investment 610 million yuan, head period 2 day produce product line of 4500 tons of cement and low heat more than heat generates electricity the main body project of the project is finished basically, be about to ignite put into production; 2 period 2 day produce product line of 4500 tons of cement to plan to build the end of next year. After put into production amounts to effect, this project will realize production value in the round 1 billion yuan, taxation spends 100 million yuan end.

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