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Jiangsu Changzhou has risen abruptly sadly for our country valve model of electr

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Changzhou report installs course of study to expand the swift and violent development with local economy and local government quickly give aid to energetically closely related, report installs course of study to already made local advantage industry, those who Bei Si of total factory of subsidiary engine of Changzhou power station, Changzhou controls factory of build and repair of facilities of power of equipment company, Yangzhou to wait for business of valve of a batch of old key members especially drive, in last few years Changzhou report holds an industry ecbolic the current equipment dimensions that provides energy one batch more report holds a powerful person of facilities of power of Founder of valve of Changzhou orchid hill, Changzhou, Changzhou orchid enterprise, at present Changzhou already had report to install an enterprise to make an appointment with 30. Although industry measure is not much, but because Changzhou report installs manufacturing industry to grow starting point tall, because this future specializations face, dimensions is changed, seriation trend develops.

Line of business of Changzhou report outfit expanded build up 1976, the Changzhou Bei Si that enters 51 villages in Changzhou fierce at that time controls equipment limited company to be versed in in Shanghai fine valve factory gives aid to especially below, from a spare factory building, borrower home a few machine tools start, the earliest development produces whole report to install, in those days they received Wuhan boiler plant bear the report that revises 50 to make an appointment with 100 thousand yuan holds business, this is marvelous outstanding achievement to at that time. Became local report to install course of study to develop trailbreaker later. As the rapid development of national economy, industrial automation popularizes application, quantity of form a complete set of electric to valve unit grows day and day, the country also put forward homebred change a course, the electric outfit that gives priority to from former advanced mouth turns for the part homebred change, produce motor formerly and famed former Changzhou factory of 2 electric machinery (show total plant of subsidiary engine of Changzhou power station) outfit of countrywide valve report attended to combine design hind 1977, also begin to produce report of valve of much circumgyrate of series of generation Z to install, arrive as a child big, develop much variety from onefold breed, work up becomes our country dimensions report to load manufacturing base. Arrive via associate planned economy of market economy evolve, develop in last few years especially, the electric outfit industry of whole area is able to grow quickly, total factory of subsidiary engine of power station of its middling city shows itself, not only from manufacturing gross, the concerned index such as economic benefits all goes in this area report to hold the forward position of course of study, and norms of manufacturing breed, model is all ready, main breed includes to rectify bodily form, explosion proof model, adjust model, high temperature, double fast model the valve report outfit that waits for series, the intelligence that developed foreign Shi Naide to control technical divisions to precede at home early or late at the same time blame invades type dynamoelectric actuator, developed the national level new product such as nuclear stage electric machinery and outfit of nuclear form report. 2004 value of produce and sale exceeds 100 million yuan, go amounting to 110 million yuan two years to mix 120 million yuan today, actually accomplishment is next to Tianjin 2 are mixed Yangzhou electric power 2, in ranking domestic report to hold job the 3rd. Already began construction into the developing zone in Changzhou fierce again at present build cover an area of 100 mus, the our country that invests 60 million yuan's biggest report outfit creates base.
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