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Index of technology of valve of key of nuclear power plant achieves internationa

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Development of country's biggest special type valve and production create base and valve export company, it is home more than 300 especially big reach large and medium-sized the supplier of first selection valve of the enterprise. Breed norms amounts to 12000, a variety of 30 different capable person are qualitative, requirements standards is 1/8 inch ~52 inch, valve pressure grade is ~ of 150 pounds class 2500 pounds class, it is the manufacturing company with most breed of domestic production valve. The company is in the industrial domain such as report of petrifaction, oil, nucleus, machinery to have more than 500 major client in home, sale network covers a lot of area such as market of Europe, America and state. Among them the company is Xinjiang all the year round alone Shan Zishi is changed offer establishment of petrifaction of form a complete set, and the company is enrage on the west east the special valve that be defeated and develops, the profit that brings stability for a long time for the company. Competitive advantage is benefited significantly company of nuclear energy estate marchs actively still the high-tech domain with nuclear civil technology, obtain what nuclear safety bureau issues the country to press water to pile design of nuclear report valve, production licence, have the home that class bureau approves national nuclear safety to produce nuclear safety exclusively aptitude of cast of 1 class, 2 class, the index of technology of valve of key of nuclear power plant that its develop achieves international congener product level, have a design to create the capacity of valve of report of nucleus of 1 billion made of baked clay class.

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