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The United States Foss creates product of a powerful person first in home " quic

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Foss is in Chinese Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen to set sale department at present; Shanghai " quick response center " in the light of blessing Si Mi seals a product, and Shenzhen " quick response center " handle Foss of pump product maintain maintenance. Mill of Fu Sisu city will build go into operation last year in April, production production Limitorque MX is carried out implement, gear of rack of pneumatic of Worcester automatic ball valve, Automax is carried out implement, a powerful person of control of Atomac liner ball valve, FlowTop and Gestra check valve, and the project reachs sealed system with pump, weather strip.
Suzhou " quick response center " establish, it is base oneself upon is client production, maintenance and test pump valve and weather strip product at Chinese mainland. This center matchs the spot with stock maintenance top-ranking ability to support establishment, analysis of breakdown of systematic movement proposal, spot can be reached in maintenance, equipment when class technology personnel solve wait for a respect, provide the service of fast. Its stock Foss valve goods in stock, can offer most Foss the maintenance of equipment, have clean, sand milling, assemble, pressurization and ability of hydraulic pressure test, often can be in the maintenance that didymous valve is over in the day is handed in return a client.

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