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Limited company of valve of Lanzhou high pressure plans to be in investment buil

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Limited company of valve of Lanzhou high pressure plans to be in investment building is large 2009 butterfly a powerful person and base of ball valve industry. As the development of the market, the user is right large the demand of butterfly a powerful person and ball valve increases increasingly, but because the company shows some to produce equipment ageing and do not deserve to cover, configure tool hard, production of small lot of can only station. Because this company decides to adjust product structure this year, build a development production is large-scale the industrial base of butterfly a powerful person and ball valve, increase development further production is high-powered the strength of butterfly a powerful person and ball valve, make its make our fist product, play gives enormous economic benefits.
Near future of company of equipment of Shanghai moxa blue industry is rolled out " greet an Olympic Games, joy passes on a client " " activity, product of ball valve of two type flange, hand moves company pneumatic pair of glue that place line butterfly a powerful person, supply a hand to use pair of gum that place line the most a powerful person such as butterfly a powerful person kind product, big privilege of summertime special offer, the detail looks please for Shanghai of tribute of Beijing Olympic Games privilege of Ai La valve is much. Compare with the tall phase modulation of butterfly a powerful person, the market momentum of ball valve behaves calm, did not rise and fall, in July, the market supply August and market demand do not have too big change, with butterfly a powerful person, ball valve is market demand is more than as much supply, face to be begged goodly too the situation that offer, our manufacturing business should seize an opportunity, develop the product that the client needs, eat this delicate market cake. This period roll out a structure to operate handy ball valve simply high grade product guides buy, ask great attention!
A powerful person of control valve, control is a powerful person that people pays close attention to quite all the time kind product, control valve and the market supply that control a powerful person and demand do not have too big difference, from the graph 2 can see control valve is in the market will be begged August buy rise somewhat, supply keep balance basically; The market supply and demand that controls a powerful person maintains basically in a level. In the day that the Olympic Games will end in August, control valve jumps people eye shot again, olympic Games advocate torch is gas source with natural gas, flameout process used remote control technology of dynamoelectric control valve, adjust by geometric ratio exemple means adjustment control lights throughput, make finally 8 meters tall blaze divide evenly fast till go out entirely,reduce, the brilliant history that is control valve undoubtedly adds brushstroke again.     

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