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To 2012 motor vehicle will occupy the 1/3 of fastener total demand with fastener

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2002 to 2007, the demand growth of spaceflight fastener exceeded standard component, because be during this,this is, business is used and of military aircraft industry flourishing drive. Demand of tall accurate fastener tends smooth, standard fastener will become kinds the product with the rapiddest growth is old again. Motor vehicle course of study will continue is the most trade that industrial fastener uses, to 2012 motor vehicle will occupy the 1/3 of fastener total demand with fastener. However, increases the most quickly market is electric equipment and electronic equipment. Industrial machinery also will exceed average level with the increase rate of fastener and metal demand.
The demand growth of rising market exceeds big earth those hair to amount to mature market. Area of Asia, Africa, middle east, hamster and demand of fastener of latin america industry will exceed the United States, Western Europe and Japan. Because China still is in economy to develop level, manufacturing industry and fixed investment activity are climbed continuously litre, because the growth of this China market will be the fastest. 2008, china will exceed Japan to make the whole world that is next to the United States market of the 2nd big fastener.

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