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"Technology of a powerful person of innovation aspic glue " happy event win awar

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"World oil award " by " world oil " the magazine is initiated choose, choose every year, with the positive result of science and technology that at commending on one year has outstanding contribution to oil industry, incident and individual. On the history, "World oil award " always be rested by housing card, Halibaidu, Beck this, the Si Lun Bei Xie, international such as Weidefu top class.

In recent years, company of group of Chinese oil natural gas is obtained for many times " world oil award " nomination, group of alive kingdom oil showed actual strength of technical research and development. 2003 year, distant river oil field " well of level of radial of high-pressured water efflux gets well technology " obtain " world oil award " optimal get / to be over well solution award nominates. 2005 year, exploration develops an academy " use seismic attenuation information to undertake gas pool detects " achievement is entered " world oil award " award of optimal exploration technology is seleted list finally.

First time of Chinese oil group is obtained " world oil award " be 2007, by distant river oil field " note flue gas to raise recovery ratio " achievement is in laurel is lost in waiting for the contest that is seleted a company with Si Lun Bei Xie, Halibaidu, acquire 2006 year " optimal exploitation technology " large award.

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