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Chinas valve industry to seize the international market also need to

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Valve industry in China is currently 10% of the market by foreign enterprises occupation of China General Machinery Industry Association valves Branch of the relevant parties believe that to change this situation and improve the quality of the valve is the key. Play a role on the industry Web site to promote the industry information to inform the work China's valve industry, currently has 10% of the market occupied by foreign enterprises, China General Machinery Industry Association valves Branch of the stakeholders believe that to change this situation and improve the quality of the valve is the key. Valve in the mechanical products occupy a large proportion. According to foreign industrial countries, the valve output of compressors, fans and pumps added together, the whole machinery industry output value accounted for about 5%. Meanwhile, as a re- Big important part of technology and equipment, especially in the power, petrochemical, metallurgy, urban water supply and drainage system, the valve is a key role, but the amount is very large. At present, about 6,000 more than the valve, which annual output value over 500 million there are 900. Domestic companies listed on the valve 3, which in nuclear science and technology, Hong Seong shares, Guangdong Pearl. Last year, the main business of nuclear science and technology Revenue from 235 million, Seong main business income of 146 million shares, the main business income of Guangdong Pearl 1.5 billion. These enterprises, regardless of its size, or quality of products, are currently unable to compete with similar foreign companies . Analysis of the industry, China's valve market Pidong caused the present there are two main reasons: First, domestic products and imported products than the valve is still lagging behind, the quality to be improved; Second, some users strong sense of domestic Even artificially set the threshold, so that domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises in the bidding is difficult to bid. Experts believe that China's enterprises currently produce widespread leakage of various valves, internal leakage, the appearance of high quality, short life, the operation is not flexible and electric valve actuators and pneumatic devices are not reliable shortcomings, the Ministry of Sub-product is equivalent to the early eighties of last century the international level. Therefore, the development of industrial valves, urgent need to develop new products with high technological content. Experts requested, the valve industry should vigorously adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards, strictly implement the existing national standards, the reform of existing products, the updated product to the nineties States The international level. Meanwhile, the valve industry, selection of raw materials should Forging, casting, forging, heat treatment and other sectors to take effective measures to rough castings and forgings, including the quality and appearance quality to meet international standards. On the other hand, should continue, the leakage of research, strict machining process, to promote new sealing materials to improve the processing precision of key parts products, extend product life of the valve, "a short two-drain "A fundamental phenomenon better. Founded in 2000, FOUNTAIN Valve Co., Ltd., is a valve village - Oubei a company with high-tech enterprises. The company mainly produces multifunctional pump control valve, hydraulic control valves, soft sealing gate valve, hard seal butterfly valve 15 Large series of various specifications of valve products, widely used in municipal water supply, wastewater treatment, petrochemical, steel and metallurgical industries for drainage or fluid control system, the annual production capacity of 8 million. The company was founded, the initial capital only 50 million yuan, annual output value of less than 80 million yuan in 2004 the company has grown to 50 million yuan output value, tax 5.88 million. The company is the secret of success because of its core manufacturing and nuclear Core technology development capability, professional and strong, with high technological content. Development of the company with independent intellectual property rights and the development of multifunctional pump control valve to fill the gap, the leading domestic level technology, has 12 patents Has 7 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. The company also editor in chief of the diaphragm valve, quick mud three industry standard, the product into the series of nine national and industry standards, is the valve industry in the production of hydraulic control valve series DN Maximum, the highest nominal business. Looking at the domestic valve market, the valve industry has a broad space for development, experts predict, the future market, mainly in the valve power industry, petrochemical, fertilizer, environmental protection and urban construction and other industries. They assert, who Good technology, and who has excellent quality, who can constantly develop new products, who can in the fierce competition in the market to seize the initiative, come to the fore.