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China valve usher in the spring Yuhuan Enterprise

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Engraved pillars to time under the "Eleventh Five-Year" development of private enterprises in Yuhuan County History: In 2005, the scale of industrial enterprises 743; 2009, the scale of industrial enterprises 1106, an increase of 48.9%. In 2005, industrial output value of 25.656 billion yuan on the scale; 2009, industrial output value of 48.742 billion yuan on the scale than the "fifth" end up 90% annual growth rate of 17.4%. 1-9 months of this year, industrial output value of scale Reached 46.99 billion yuan, up 42.9% over last year, an increase of more than Taizhou 9.4 percentage points above the average, ranking the city first. In 2005, Yuhuan County, 42 billion yuan industrial enterprises in 2009 reached 68, from January to September this year, there were 66. Arduous trek all the way, surging. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, although the Yuhuan County private enterprises suffer the global financial storm, but the county government's strong push and capitalize on the trend, still show a vigorous Life. Yuhuan County, which just recently released in the year 2010, the Scientific Development of Chinese small and medium cities in the top hundred cities and counties, also from 27 in 2009 rose to 25. Qualitative leap: week two listed companies to increase September 8 this year and 10 days, Zhejiang Aidi Xi Fluid Control Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang double loop transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. have been successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, not only to fill the Yuhuan County, plumbing valves and Auto Parts Two pillars of the industry has not listed the company's history blank, Yuhuan County, also allows listed companies to four. "This is a load Yuhuan a major event in economic history." In the evening of September 28 two companies at a reception held to thank, on behalf of the county party secretary Ke Xin Ye county, the county people's congress, the county government, county CPPCC National Committee, to "Aidi Xi "and "Double-loop drive" warm congratulations! He also said that the county government will continue to support enterprise development, utmost efforts to promote the listing of more companies to participate in capital operation, and promote faster economic turn Yuhuan Type upgrade. Within a week the two companies listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, another county, the county government's strong support, which made some of Yuhuan County, listed companies are also actively preparing for the veterans excited. October 9, when the County Committee, County Guo-Zhong Wang held responsible persons invited to part of the forum listing, company CEOs who have expressed a strong desire to market. It is understood intermediaries to enter and has been demonstrated through the Government Coordinating Council to be on the Yuhuan County City, 6 enterprises were "the world into", "Double the Friends," "mountains and rivers" and the "kitchen Jie", "Miki", "The Universal." In addition, there are 8 ready enterprises are "in the McNair Central Island," "Su-strong grid," " Shanghai Dragon "and" Right Margin "," Heidemann "," clean "," Manulife "," Luo's. " A land area of only 378 square kilometers, the lack of economically developed cities and counties must have the regional advantages and traffic conditions, nor any use of natural resources, island county, as much for so many listed companies, in addition to People moved surprise, but also one of Yuhuan have a look tomorrow and look forward to. However, when the light back to 2005, this gratifying situation is simply inconceivable. At the time, "double-loop drive" sales value of just over 300 million yuan, and "Aidi Xi" only 8,000 million. Today, the "double Central drive "sales value of more than 6 billion have been no suspense," Aidi Xi "by the end of September sales value reached 260 million yuan. Although the two companies developed very fast and within 5 years strong, but the crown is the fastest growing companies owned otherwise. "'Eleventh Five-Year Plan' period, Yuhuan County, double the sales value of the business too much, and some original Mo Mo obscure business stand out. "Xianjingmaoju Enterprise Division, told reporters, such as Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Li-value of only 80 million yuan in 2005 about the end of 2009 has reached 300 million yuan; Zhejiang Central Square Auto Electric has Limited 5 years ago to rely on leasing plant or a small business, the output value has reached 130 million yuan last year. Volume expansion: the leading position five major industrial clusters Since 2008 since the financial crisis sweeping the globe, so that the major industries in Yuhuan County, are subject to different extent, and some even suffered. Desperate to survive, more beautiful flowers out. Stimulating domestic demand in the implementation of the Central Expand the domestic market policies, Yuhuan County, according to international and domestic situation the formulation of development plans and introduce incentives to hold 10 major cities in the country more than promotion, Beijing, Linyi, Shandong Exhibition Center opened plumbing valves, group Jian Bao Tuan sales of the Commonwealth, the county fiscal year allocated 200 million yuan for enterprise management training ... ... in the county, the county government to actively support help, Yuhuan County, gradually emerging from the five major industrial clusters shadow of the financial crisis, began the Leading position. By car to the countryside, small displacement tax cuts, subsidies and other used cars update of national policy support, Yuhuan County, pillar industries of automobile and motorcycle industry, the first cluster was first out of the woods, usher in warmer recovery. Lee Industrial Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang is a professional auto parts development, production, sales support and foreign trade enterprises, as early as the beginning of this year, "Lee in" for each workshop is running at full capacity every day A container export trade to North America, the European market. Meanwhile, the national implementation of the "low-emission vehicle purchase tax by half" and other support policies have contributed to "benefit in the" parts sales. "Yuhuan County, more than 1,000 automobile and motorcycle manufacturing enterprises generally at full capacity, more than 80,000 employees has even more thoughts on the development of the whole." County Auto Industry Association, said the Secretary-General Hu Shiliang. It is understood that, as "China's auto parts industry base" Yuhuan Total Auto with more than 1,800 enterprises, of which 1000 million yuan output value of annual sales are 294. Product variety, complete specifications, advanced processing technology And specialized sub-projects and high prices in the country overall has a great advantage, auto products include heavy, medium, micro, car, light, agriculture, special and other vehicles, Motorcycle engine cover in addition, all products other than housing. At the same time , Has a sales force throughout the country, supporting products are almost all domestic OEMs to squeeze into. In 2009, Yuhuan County, the output value of automobile and motorcycle industry cluster of about 250 billion yuan, accounting for 10% of the national counterparts, 60% of the country Automotive products to provide support. 1-9 months of this year, the sales output value of 22.6 billion, an increase of 35.29%. Plumbing valve industry cluster is the Yuhuan County, the second pillar of the industrial economy industries, more than 1,000 production and processing enterprises, of which 100 million yuan in sales revenue of more than 47 enterprises, 88 enterprises of 5,000 million yuan, with self- The right to export more than 200 business enterprises, import and export companies three, employing nearly 5 million people. The formation of industrial clusters to the copper rod molding process, forging, plating, throwing sand, assembly, packaging and other sectors of specialization 7 Complete industrial chain collaboration. Product variety, scale of the whole, with brass valves and fittings, plumbing parts, piston valve three series, Tap, faucet, pipe, more than 100 varieties of 1,000 kinds of specifications. Meanwhile, the county registered trademark of plumbing valve manufacturers more than 500 pieces, with "Bo Man", "Aidi Xi", "Insurance", "Fenghua", "Suer Da" and reputation in the international and domestic markets well-known enterprises, "BH", "TDB", "SUERDA" and other products have been fully introduced into European and American developed country markets. In addition, in China Yuhuan plumbing valves of similar products in more than 50% market share, products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia, more than 100 countries and regions, but also according to different national, regional standards further production. Yuhuan valve because the valve industry in the country occupies a pivotal position, was named as "China valve" and "China Hardware Machinery (valve) export base." 1-9 months of this year, sales output value of industry clusters plumbing valves 18.3 billion yuan, up 67.67%. October 31 just concluded seventh China (Yuhuan) Machine Tool Fair over the years has become the largest and one of the largest show exhibitors, attracting 4.8 million visitors come to visit, on-site turnover of nearly 1 billion Intention to turnover of 1.4 billion. Such gratifying results, and are machine tool industry cluster Yuhuan many product categories, production of large, regional sales of a wide silhouette. Currently, Yuhuan County, has a machine tool production and sales of nearly 200 enterprises, of which the production machine More than 80 companies, the main products for small and medium sized CNC machine tools, machine tools and lathes, the sales market in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other coastal provinces and cities based, some local plumbing supply valves and automobile and motorcycle line Industry. In 2009, the size of the output value of more than 17 companies of more than 30 billion yuan. Yuhuan furniture with simple lines and smooth, elegant and dignified color, nice shape, Seiko produced exquisite furniture suite is unique in the domestic furniture counterparts to become an outstanding representative of Chinese furniture. Currently, all There are more than 170 industry enterprises, of which 45 enterprises above designated size, the enterprise value of over 9 billion, with annual output of Chinese and Western suites, office series, hotel room furniture, the production capacity of 15 million units. In 2009, the entire industry The output value of 2.5 billion, from January to September this year reached 20 billion yuan. Medical device industry cluster is a new industry in Yuhuan County in 2005, before the formation of scale and achieve rapid development. What was surprising is that the industry in financial crisis, but it is "the scenery here is fine", each of which sales Value into the sale of anti-refundable, has become a rare "thriving" industry. Currently, the industry total of about 100 enterprises and large enterprises 40. In 2009, the industry achieved sales of 1.2 billion.