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China Valves rose a strong rebound after plunging 8.40%

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Beijing November 23, in heavy volume dropped 15.28% last Friday, China valve rebounded strongly on Monday, rose 8.40%, to close at $ 9.68. China Valves were registered in Nevada, and through its subsidiary Henan Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. and Henan Zhengzhou Butterfly Valve Co., Ltd., develops and markets used in petroleum, chemical, water, gas, metallurgy High-end industries such as metal valve. On Friday (Nov. 19), Green technology promise to the SEC filing said the company nearly three years of audit fraud problem exists. Affected by this news, had previously challenged the heavy volume of Chinese stock prices plunge valve, falling To 15.28%, the volume of 32.75 million shares the previous day suddenly increased to 174.28 million shares.