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Shanghai General Valve Dion invited to participate in the quality of the Seven

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According to AQSIQ, "to carry out quality inspection system in the country on" quality improvement "activity view" (National Quality Inspection Quality 〔2010〕 89) on the national quality inspection system "quality upgrading" the deployment of important activities, industrial and information Ministry "on the issuance of" the Ministry of Information Industry and the quality of the main points of the 2010 "notice" (Chamber of Industry and Information Branch letter 〔2010〕 92) of the relevant arrangements and the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, Sichuan Provincial People's Government "section on doing first preparations for Western China International Fair Notice "(River Commission Office 〔2010〕 13) and" West Eleventh General Programme will "to" special events will be the eleventh West "arrangement, the state AQSIQ, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Sichuan Provincial People's Government in October 22 to 23 held by "grasping the level of quality to enhance and promote development patterns" as the theme of the seventeenth session of the China Quality Forum. Shanghai Hu Gong Shanghai Valve Factory as a brand-name companies invited by the Organizing Committee of the Forum, I plant as a corporate representative of General Aung attended the meeting. The Forum by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Sichuan Provincial People's Government organized by China Association for Quality Inspection, Quality and Technical Supervision of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, co-Exit Inspection and Quarantine. CPPCC Vice Chairman Bai Lichen attended and spoke, Industry and Information Minister Li, Liu, deputy director of AQSIQ average, SASAC Deputy Director Huang Danhua, vice governor of Henan Province Xu Ji extra fine speech at the forum. CPPCC Vice Chairman Bai Lichen warm at the opening ceremony, pointed out, coincided with the seventh session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC and the country has just concluded the implementation of western development strategy the second "decade" of the first year, the China Quality Forum theme of "grasping the level of quality to enhance and promote development patterns" theme, and discuss the quality of events, to discuss about development of great significance. He pointed out that the quality of a country's economic, technological, cultural, and the overall strength of the integrated reflection of the economic and social development of the major strategic issues. CPC Central Committee's seventh session of the Fifth Plenary Session 5 "insistence" and quality of work are inseparable, quality work long way to go. Enhance the quality of products, change the mode of development, and enhance the overall strength of the Chinese economy, the joint efforts of the whole society. Bai Lichen earnestly hope that the government departments, large businesses, industry associations and experts and scholars to work together to seek the quality of development policies, and actively explore the quality and power of the road, vigorously promote on quality, establishing a sound social credit system quality, in the new era the overall quality of our country to a higher level, to promote comprehensive, coordinated economic and social sustainable development and make greater contribution. Li stressed in his speech in the strengthening of quality management is to transform the mode of development, improve quality and efficiency of economic growth in important aspects, the establishment of long-term mechanism to expand consumer demand is bound to improve and strengthen the quality control requirements, which helps to actively adapt to the international economy new situation, to improve market competitiveness, create new advantages for the international market. Enterprises must abide by the quality of integrity, social responsibility practice, and create high-quality, dedicated high-quality and enjoy high quality. At the same time to strengthen technological innovation, increase the technology content to rely on technological progress, relying on quality products and good services for creating famous brands. In his speech, Liu average national quality inspection system carry out the "quality improvement" activities were reviewed. He said that this year, the national quality inspection departments at all levels, enhance the quality and safety standards around the services the main line of stable and rapid economic development, promote the quality of the working mechanism of a large building to carry out "quality improvement" activities as an important starting point, innovation initiatives, greater efforts, to promote sound and rapid economic development. At present, more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to carry out quality activities Hing province, there are 2,244 city, county, carrying out quality Singshih activities, accounting for 78% of the number of city districts, more and more provincial, city and county achieve economic development from quantity to quality and efficiency changes. Liu average requirements, the national quality inspection system in accordance with the deployment of the Fifth Plenary Session seventh, vigorously implement the strategy of winning by quality, comprehensively promote the quality improvement works: First, pay close attention to the development of "quality development program", planning the next decade, the quality of development in China the grand blueprint; is improving the quality of statistical indicator system, the product quality indicators into the national economic and social development statistical indicator system, as a basis for assessing the quality of work; third is to improve the quality of publishing and reporting system; Fourth, establish a sound product quality and safety risk early warning system; Fifth, vigorously implement the brand strategy, efforts to create a group with independent intellectual property rights, innovation capacity and strong international competitiveness of the well-known brand; Sixth, the establishment of national incentive system; seven credit system is to accelerate the construction quality ; eight is to further strengthen quality supervision. From across government departments, industry associations, a total of more than 500 famous enterprises attended the forum.