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Fluorine close valves: two decades of development and glory

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Yo Oujiang, towering big Luoshan. Stands in the charm of the city - Wenzhou Yongqiang Hi-tech Park District, Zhejiang Valve Co., Ltd. fluoridated secret (secret headquarters of fluoridated), like a dazzling pearl has attracted the attention at home and abroad. As a national, provincial high-tech enterprises have been beyond the reason why fluorine density, sustained brilliance, is derived from a core technology, the implementation of efficient management, and with it the technical, management, marketing and cultural enterprise-wide innovation. 20 years, has won the high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, China fluorine valve Star, the country's industrial enterprises corrosion top 20 hundred enterprises in Wenzhou City, the national key new products, Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award, Innovation Award, regional brands and trademarks the world's top ten first temperature valve business brand. This set of data and the honor of the birth, "poor" business is concerned, does that mean? Means that the pioneers, which means innovation and beyond. Summarizes the development process of a fluorine secret: that innovation beyond, beyond the innovation. Continuous technological innovation and enhance competitiveness Construction at the beginning of a dense tree growth fluorine first valve manufacturer in Wenzhou Yongqiang birthplace of the "seedlings", and when many new businesses, small factories, lack of personnel, poorly equipped, backward technology, only available with a process to imitate the production. As was the leading products of fluorine valve, butterfly valve, one side has the design edge of fluorine density test, done by the ants, the spirit of Ken Gutou trial. Fluoroplastic materials due to lack of understanding of the performance, backward technology, resulting in a loss of nearly 40 million, to the then Wenzhou Yong fluoride plastic processing Machinery Factory (the predecessor company) made a number of issues. Fluorine secret know-how and technology and human resources needs of the force, so the company began to Join. According to market needs, a variety of enterprises to develop R & D and trial work, to the 90s of last century, the production of a fluorine fluorine close the valve has formed a series, of which more than 10 R & D success and won several national patent. Among them, lined butterfly valve, ball valve respectively International Invention Gold Award, the world's Eureka Gold. Products sell well in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, more than 20 countries and regions. Continuous exploration and development, improve the enterprise's innovative thinking. Dare to explore the secret of people have fluorosis, although the technology suffered setbacks, but people will temper the valve, also formed the twenty words the spirit of enterprise - the credibility of the enterprise to take off, the quality is the eternal theme. As the opportunities for caring people only look to the same, continuous effort and exploration, there is fortunate to be a preservative fluoride close the valve the industry leader. For the rapid development of national industry, the industrial areas of accelerated corrosion digestion and absorption of the pace of her introduction, there are fluorine density in the "speed up" process, through innovation benefit. Annual production of nearly 10 million YFM brand fluorine valve and pump piping products, enabling companies with a large number of users, but also created a number of technical personnel. Structural adjustment, the face of brutal market competition, innovation people have fluorosis secret, conducted on an innovative valve design, smart and efficient fluorine control valve after the success of research and development, but also try to dock with the nuclear valve technology. With industrial anti-corrosion product structure adjustment valve, a person's innovative spirit fluorine density has been recognized by national science and technology sector, fluorine into the gate in 2005 by the National Torch Plan. The face of competition among peers, a fluorine density will PTFE lined ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, plug valves, diaphragm valves, pumps, pipe fittings, compensation products, Each evolution is an innovation, once beyond. Wide sea diving, the market no matter how you break. Fluorine close imitation of thinking beyond the premise, an annual sales income of 5% into technology under development, the use of innovative spirit, began to original innovation, integrated innovation and re-innovation after absorbing in just 10 years, had developed 15 new products for the industrial automation of manufacturing corrosion resistant valves and intelligence have made great contributions, but also began her road of development by leaps and bounds. On the road of innovation, able to follow and control the world's advanced technology, is a dense full use of scientific and technological achievements fluoride inseparable. To raise awareness of new technologies, new technology and new materials capabilities to address the lack of resources and bottlenecks, there are close to actively explore and implement fluoride research institutes to establish technical cooperation with the alliance, technological innovation and application of sound systems, technology development strategy to promote the improvement of core competitiveness. In recent years, with two major strategic alliances for technology and manufacturing establishment and improvement, there has been the traditional olive dense fluorine into a dumbbell-type business enterprise, and thus better able to focus into the corporate brand strategy. With the high-end valve delivery devices for domestic and foreign petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, electric power, military and other installations of anticorrosion equipment played a huge role, with fluorine secret domestic market position and international reputation of the rapid increase . Improve the management of innovation, implementation of sophisticated engineering Group home and abroad, "Wolf" dance of the situation, and the valve industry, the rapid pace of reform forward, in order to reinforce the foundation with management of F close focus, pay close attention to "five-year adjustment" and "fine management", achieved by the "experience type, extensive, and the rule of man-type "management to" Fine, institutionalized and standardized management "a gradual transition, through the implementation of" fine management project ", forming a better work ethic, created a secret special fluorine fine culture. Creating fine works to enhance the manufacturing capacity. Fluorine density through expansion and enhancement of MRP Ⅱ / ERP information management system for the three major platforms, the establishment of agile, efficient, low-cost manufacturing, logistics management and ERP from market to market, such as three large closed-loop system is running, so that the whole production cycle in the original 20% are based on the compression, the average annual output value of inventory control in less than 20% greater than 3.5 times the number of logistics flow, the size of the overall logistics and distribution of materials the size of 20%. The implementation of these innovative management, the core manufacturing capabilities and advantages of specialized production levels close to or sprint to the international counterparts. Promote brand awareness, foster quality culture. Fluorine density through internal and external training, to improve the quality of inspection teams and operatives with the skills, so that the proportion of senior workers close to 70%; the quality of self-control activities started, controlled nearly 90% of the surface; to meet the market needs, improve the quality management system and effective operation to ensure that enterprises continue to have a good reputation for quality. To build information platform to improve the response capability. Through a unified information platform, a fluorine density of internal and external information resources to achieve integration and synergy, including customer relationship management and supply chain management, data management information for fine to process information to achieve business practices to improve decision-making information business, improve the enterprise's rapid response capability. Improve personnel structure and improve the overall quality. "Sustained and stable development of enterprises, the key is talent." Planet people know the truth, there are fluoride close to it with action: the introduction of mature talent, appropriate recruitment of university graduates (as reserve), (based on the internal) implementation internal training and external training, training science and technology leaders, the establishment of mechanisms and growth phase-out or demoted channels to ensure that "three teams" (management, professional and technical, skilled workers) is getting more complete; established to meet the individual needs of the training system, implementation of human management, and greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of all staff to enhance the quality, the natural formation of learning enterprise, and has emerged Zhu Xiao, Zhang, YE Xiu-shan, Hou Pu and other Chinese enterprise reform hundred ten outstanding figures, model workers Ningde City, Fujian migrant workers in cities and elite Wenzhou area of outstanding migrant workers. Improve the overall quality of the overall business for the full range of innovative work carried out and laid a solid foundation. Strengthen the cost-conscious, and improve profitability. In the economic globalization today, cost control has become involved in domestic and international competition, an important advantage, and become an important means of corporate profit growth. By and improve the incentive mechanism, fluorine density to reduce product unit costs achieved, improve profitability and price competitiveness purposes. Norms of corporate budget management system, a sound budget examination system so often fluorine density gradually increase the level of profitability, the profit center by playing the role of cost management, the implementation of economic benefits from the work distribution system distribution system to the gradual transition, fluorine density achieved to further improve the performance of various investments. Strengthen the marketing innovation to meet market demand Market competition, change the relationship between active and passive, requiring companies must have a new marketing concept. Fluorine close people understand: not afraid of a weak market, afraid of mental fatigue. In the "everything for the user, to all users," the purpose of forming a fluorine secret "integrity first, service always" the core business philosophy. Fluorine based closely with its excellent strength and willingness to cooperate in good faith, one after another with Lomon Group, Qilu Petrochemical (Group) and Japan and China Mart card and a number of companies to establish close cooperation, and promote cultural exchange between each other to improve the core competencies, achieve and Make, had a win-win goal. In the future, there will continue to work with more fluorine density to establish close cooperation between petrochemical companies, to ensure common development, and to consolidate and develop their market share. The establishment of close cooperation, will allow the two sides will closely around the technology and equipment, overhaul, spare parts, security, joint research and development, information exchange, six aspects of support services to build comprehensive, long-term, close and stable platform for close cooperation, is bound to make both sides In the "six platform" and close cooperation of the construction process "win-win." Fluorine density always believed that "a main wings, one-third of the world" the dominant ideology, technology and equipment in the building platform, overhaul and spare parts platform on the basis of security platforms, but also have a common development platform for building and information exchange platform. The creation of these platforms, the full expansion of the international and domestic operations, and developed the technology to its imported equipment replacement program. Overhauls carried out in full swing at the same time, pay close attention to spare parts are fluoride secret marketing innovation, implementation of the "four cards" strategy: playing the "Quality Brand" - to carry forward the fine idea, a grand vision, and begin with strict quality control ; fight the "Service card" - in good faith based, to serve for the purpose of building the credibility of fortress; fight the "technology licensing" - to science and technology, bringing together talent, the pursuit of excellence, to the absolute strength of the competitive market; lay "price card" - cheap, value for money, and truly out of the operating characteristics of a strategic road. Pay attention to cultural innovation, build brand Fluorine secret that the culture and business, a volume of the human spirit, one industry milestone, the two should be interacting with each other. The concept of culture is always a fluorine density development process in solid rock. "There fluoride secret" - realizing shows the unique characteristics of their products, it has the structure of the valve product process improvement, technology innovation, quality improvement. Fluorine plastics for the bright spot, highlight the inherent characteristics of corrosion resistant, is a subtle quality, the release of the power of enterprises to take off ... ... while the spirit is there fluoride fluoride dense dense core of culture - the company always adhere to the fluorine density "people-oriented, strong scientific and technological enterprises, brand building up the city, industry to serve the country "business philosophy and goals, to" conduct, technology, innovation, responsibility, learning, passion "as the core of enterprise culture, through the unremitting efforts, will highlight the scale of fluorine into a dense , advanced technology, management class, team excellence, implementation of effective, high performance, high-speed growth of China's non-regional enterprises in the valve. Because of the long-term development of enterprises in the process, the accumulation and the formation of a number of unique and distinctive cultural traditions continue to have leap-forward development fluorine density provides a strong culture of support. 2008 financial crisis in the face of economic globalization and fierce competition, corrosion resistant valves for industrial machinery and equipment provider, to meet the sector reform and development, better services for the industry, with fluorine close times, start innovation traditional culture, build first-class brand. Fluorine closely adhere to the socialist core value system, firmly establish the "supremacy of national interests, the interests of consumers first" common values of the industry, focusing on the company's "innovation, harmony, integrity and service," the core idea of the times and strive to build distinctive fluorine density characteristics and unique corporate culture. Soft power to enhance corporate culture and full recognition of core values, to the concept, image outside the purpose of enterprises to strengthen the cultural construction, finishing, refining, abandoning traditional culture, inheritance, sublimation, innovation, outstanding cultural recycling. Around the vision, building enterprise characteristics and culture. Fluorine through the preparation and revision of secret "Corporate Culture Manual", "Employee Handbook", "corporate identity manual" and edited and published "with fluorine tip," Journal of the enterprise, "off" magazine, the brand through the mining of resources, enterprise spiritual inspiration full, the spread of the company's image, has the characteristics of the times reflected by the standards of professional ethics as a code of conduct, fostered a unity and harmony, with a shared vision and a higher overall quality of the workforce, create a civilized, healthy and progressive culture and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. Fluorine density to enterprise culture and enterprise development strategies, build a harmonious enterprise, the implementation of sophisticated management, and to establish close co-operation and create a learning organization combine to make a more clear-cut vision of the development of enterprises and enhance the integrity and full responsibility , formed a unique fine culture, promote cultural exchanges with the valve business to promote the brand's personality shape, image set, and value delivery, to maximize the enterprise market in the country to win the visibility, reputation and loyalty, the corporate culture really play the role of promoting enterprise development. Fluorine density of twenty words the spirit of enterprise, end result is innovation. Her innovation is the comprehensive, multi-level, both the abstract concept of innovation, but also specific management, technical, marketing and cultural innovation. Fluoride in a secret, can be said that innovation is everywhere, ever have to simplify an operation process of innovation, changing the lag is an innovative concept to improve the efficiency of innovation, innovation management is to improve humanity. It is all because of fluorine density three-dimensional side of innovation, enterprises can continue to exceed sustainable glory: 20 years, with fluorine density (YFM) as the brand products, has brought close to the fluorine good returns, end of last year, a total of sales exceeded sales of almost billion, the market almost nationwide coverage. The output value of one year to a higher level; in 1999 by the National Key New Product, Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award, Innovation Award, 2003 awarded the high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province in 2004 won the regional brand name in 2005, won the hundred enterprises in Wenzhou City, 2006 Ten won the first World temperature valve business brand. China won the 2007 F star valve, Wenzhou City, brand, won the 2009 top 20 industrial enterprises corrosion. In Zhejiang Province in 2008, "lined valves" gold card hi-tech research and development center. 1999 through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, CE certification in 2001 through 2007, passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001: 1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, the state security up pressure vessel components ( TS) certification. From a technical introduction to exports, innovation is the result of fluorine density. Continued healthy development is the goal of fluorine density. May 2004, Fujian has invested nearly billion fluorine production base close valve at the national geological park under the ground-breaking construction of Fuding Taimushan, covering 70 acres. Has been presented in front of people is a modern management of plants, has become the largest production base. In 2008, a new factory in Zhejiang fluorine density - Zhejiang Province, "lined valves" high-tech research and development center in Longwan Yongqiang Hi-tech Park, the construction was completed in October 2010, it marked a secret research project F opened a new chapter. Innovation is the theme of fluoride close, innovative, innovation, there is a secret of the real reflection of fluorine, a fluorine density of the innovation is active rather than passive, she is a danger at the time of innovation, while innovation is Juan , convinced that rely on innovation to survive, relying on innovation and development, through innovation and close off the fluorine innovative mechanisms must be able to, will build a more harmonious enterprise, created more to strengthen large.