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Country " 15 " program emphasis is treated corrupt the project finishs all up

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Chen Mingjian of vice director of department of control of pollution of total bureau of national environmental protection will confirm on September 21 say, because country and local government capital cannot reach the designated position on time, country " 15 " the focal point with certain program is treated corrupt the project is overall progress is slow, finish in the round on time impossible already. Chen Mingjian thinks, treat corrupt the reason that problem of not do one's best appears is, measure of economy, administration, law does not deserve to cover. L`)zZ=(b ? 
According to Introduction Chen Mingjian, end 2004 the end of the year, the country includes key catchment to pollute prevention and cure " 15 " in 2130 projects of the plan, in build project and did not begin construction project 1279, occupy 60% ; The investment that finish 66.26 billion yuan, 42% what occupy a plan to always invest. `47({BlDMT
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He says, be apart from now " 15 " the plan finishs deadline to have time of 3 many months only finally, from project, debug period what need time analysis with construction of establishment of relevant form a complete set, the comprehensive key that finish is treated corrupt project project is impossible already, did not begin construction the project although inside year full go into operation, quite the environmental benefit of one part project should arrive " 915 " during ability is shown. (D:Qk*` |
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Chen Mingjian polluted the account that administers not do one's best to undertake an analysis at present to causing. He thinks, measure of economy, administration, law does not deserve to cover is a main reason. He says, up to now, desulphurization cost plan the policy that joins online electrovalency was not fulfilled in the round, as a result of blowdown rate under processing cost, blowdown unit did not administer contaminative pressure; In the absense of the policy support of materiality, in power company wait-and-see the comparison that await is much; After building of sewage treatment plant, lack runs funds, bring about sewage treatment plant to leave to stop; Economic policy does not reach the designated position, social capital dare not intervene pollution governs the market.  | ) Pf? @:*E
Chen Mingjian thinks, weakness of environmental superintendency strength also is a main reason. Disclose according to him, the enterprise is abide by the law cost is high, illegal cost is low; The environmental consciousness of the enterprise, law consciousness is thin; Local protectionism, superintend to the environment execute the law ability posed grim challenge. Because environmental protection executes the law team staff is little, get tired of deal with, it is to have normally inform against, news report comes up, after waiting for upper section to approve, just go investigating. The case that the enterprise violates compasses blowdown is more severe, quite one part enterprise escaped environmental protection branch investigate. } ? Y}8ISS9
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