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Without stannic valve monitor: Skill lives absolutely everybody is replaced

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Recently, in Liang Xi road develop is built in transforming a project, because construction need must is opposite among them valve of two on one a section of a highway 30 centimeters of feed pipe undertake shutting. But construction personnel searchs to search according to the blueprint that provides about the respect, cannot find these two valve namely. Be in everybody can find no way out during, somebody suggests: "Ask old Sunlai quickly to help! " question of old Sun Wen comes after 30 minutes, see he draws out tape measure of skin of a steel to be on road surface from the pocket only measure a few, pointing to one place to say with the hand next: "Here has, dig! " a few workers are half believing and half doubting after ground excavate road surface, look below have a 30 centimeters valve as expected. Then, laosun stride ground took a few strides back and forth along road surface, point to with the hand to a place again: "Another is here! " excavate road surface looks, another valve hides below as expected. Those present exclamations: Old Sun Tai is magical! Y* _ T(zSUoc6. ;n;~

Laosun is not others, namely by the person praise for water supply " vivid map " Sun Hailiang of squad leader of squad of valve of branch of rush to repair of company of installation of project of water supply of the city that do not have stannum. S2dsvH | 4

He also is me the city that do not have stannum buts at present one one potential energy is enough 1 of city of will devoid stannum. Valve of cop of 70 thousand water supply is memorized in the heart " strange person " . In Sun Hailiang eye, the competence with valve the most serious work must be familiar with namely and master the exact position of every valve, action and function state. The tap water cop that without stannic urban district 2000 much kilometer grows, have 1 . Valve of many 70 thousand size distributings in the urban district that do not have stannum inside the district of kilometer of 100 much square. To accomplish know sth like the palm of one's hand to these cop and valve, sun Hailiang is riding a bicycle to cross everyday in ave lane, day goes 50 much kilometer is on-the-spot survey landform, after coming back personally scale map, above indicate the specific place of valve. In the working hours in 24 years in, the bicycle seat cushion that he rides every year bad is in 4 above, and how much did bicycle tyre change after all, also say even him himself not clear.

Last year, head office of tap water of the town that do not have stannum begins to develop system of information of electron of feed pipe line, this kind " electronic map " can show in ground of the be clear at a glance on computer I do not have stannic city random the information of a feed pipe line, include pressure of conduit attribute, real time, all round valve position. "Vivid map " meet " electronic map " , sun Hailiang is admired affection completely: "Had this system, after us need not again take time translates a data painfully, seek card. " but, he can not think oneself " vivid map " competence is replaced at this point, "Encounter sudden situation, or valve is masked by road surface place, if valve is versed in,judgement can be made quickly by experience and memory in the spot, will improve work efficiency greatly so. " as we have learned, sun Hailiang once had achieved the record that closes 6 valve continuously inside half hours by accurate memory, and average person should use a many hour at least.
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