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Gil: How do I guide manage to consult group of heart industry valve 50 years

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American manage checks $Mx- o of president of company of group of heart industry valve Mr Gil

Mr Gil Richards is a mental Jue, simpatico better, also be the president of company of American Richards Industries at the same time. He is engaged in valve industry working to already had more than 50 years, he ever made the valve company progress that is immersed in financial crisis Wu of one family property flourishingly enterprise, the equipment such as Jordan, Hex, Marwin and Bestobell is had to suffer the commercial brand of praise highly below the banner. Interview through this, mr Richards and we shared him before successful experience, offerred the proposal of a few cogency to Chinese valve business, also experienced this elder to be opposite deeply at the same time of valve career have deep love for. }Ab4E~kP/ "

·I am very proud and OK build to have famous spent brand -- company of valve of industry of American manage Chade, established an outstanding group, built strong cent to sell channel. Tye0stg#K

·The United States is the biggest valve production country on the world now, but arrive the latest 2010, china will become a valve to produce big country, this also is why to want to seek a partner to China. Sn ? 3#ZYN

·I special the process that enjoys whole work, my ceaseless all the time improvement, disentomb ceaselessly opportunity, create wealth ceaselessly. Not only it is to be a company, for employee, also create wealth for the individual.  , ov ; ? SD

Net: Although I and the trade public figure of a lot of pump valve had been hit,hand in, but you are current I had seen valve industry age is the oldest from personnel of course of study, introduce you to be engaged in the experience of valve industry for us please? ANr! 8# , 4td

Richard: Can say because accidental opportunity enters valve industry,I am. After from Ha Fo college business school graduates, the first when I search formal job is the member that the sale is made in Opw Corporation, this company is benzine a powerful person and fittings manufacturer. The company bought Jordan Valve after a year, advocate the small-sized valve company of battalion adjuster. At that time, they let me hold the position of the general manager of the joint-stock company of this be in a devil of hole. Perhaps be the Mba degree because of me, this kind of circumstance is in at that time is very scarce. Then on July 22, 1955, I stepped valve trade formally. Z Lg5rCug

Net: A moment ago spoke of manage investigating heart company, how is I want to understand you to establish of this company? 1= € PqK.4

Richard: At the beginning Jordan Valve company has 6 stuff only, we from raise product quality to begin and established group of a sale. 1958, the company begins to earn profit, enter kilter. 1961, I got an opportunity buy Jordan in order to run a bought way, it formal more the name is manage to check heart industry. When lukewarm city ginseng is exhibited, the company that sees Wen Zhou is very dedicated at some kind of product, line of the products of our company valve is wider, include ball valve, control valve, hold back a powerful person, scanty water implement etc, the requirement of the contented user with such nicer gift. Ie €x J^_25F
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