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Yan Genzhang: Breed high-end market to quicken an industry to upgrade

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Astute, spell able, decisive, simple and honest... had arrived generally group of Jiangsu peaceful grand, the person that has seen order of president abundant root can have a similar opinion to him; With De Zhengshen, in order to fulfil a responsibility, with sincere touching, be self restrained with cheap... the humanness criterion that speaks of Yan Genzhang, peaceful grand employee mostly can tirelessly path comes. S/'F^BpSxX

Annex, joint-stock to business circles of current our country, accuse a successful experience that waits for a series of reform and bitter lesson, yan Genzhang has his own view. Someone says, the person of the same trade is enemy. But tycoon of machine of these two company decelerate realized group of Jiangsu peaceful grand and Buddhist nun of dimension of Italian lay mines however powerful powerful combination. Recently, reporter at this point the problem interviewed Yan Genzhang. L#A6! XIOim`

Aim at high-end product market hand in hand with international tycoon

Reporter: The Buddhist nun of dimension of Italian lay mines of group of aircraft of decelerate of grand of near future peaceful and ace of machine of so-called international decelerate the company is joint-stock, establish Buddhist nun of dimension of lay mines of Jiangsu peaceful grand planetary decelerate machine limited company (Buddhist nun of dimension of lay mines of grand of peaceful of the following abbreviation company) the message is after our newspaper report, industry is a lot of the personage expresses to be surprised. They say this is " open the door to a dangerous person " , is excuse me peaceful grand this action to stem from why to plant consideration?

Yan Genzhang: Peaceful grand is founded 20 come for years, be reformed through deepening enterprise interior and of incentive mechanism carry out, released the potential of each respect, rely on mechanism innovation and innovation of science and technology, won really be in at present the competitive advantage of home market. But the employee from the top down of our enterprise has strong crisis feeling, the technical level that realises us adequately and equipment standard and developed country still exist bigger difference. Buddhist nun of lay mines dimension the company is international drive machinery and one of leaders that the fluid dominates two large trades, bilateral collaboration can achieve an advantage complementary, the development to China and international drive technology and the dilate that its use a field are sure to produce positive effect.

Reporter: Ask you to talk about Tailongbuleiweini after company formal operation, does its market locate whether only machine of decelerate of planet of series of S of bureau be confined to? Does the product develop way how?

Yan Genzhang: About the problem of market fixed position of joint ventures product, tailongbuleiweini company initiative level is dominant product with machine of decelerate of S series planet, do not mean a company only the confine production at this one product and sale. Without invariable market, the enterprise also does not have invariable product. The company has Buddhist nun of lay mines dimension a lot of products that have an advantage in international application domain, we won't be unprincipled ground overall is introduced, the principle that we introduce is already according to regulation of domestic and international market, the ability that avoids border of found a state competes again. For instance the company sets Buddhist nun of lay mines dimension in company of Piv decelerate aircraft, advocate produce in international fame series of noisier parallel axis hard tooth flank and product of machine of the decelerate that be not mark, this may be us one of projects of next joint development. Anyhow, the market fixed position of joint-stock company did not secure mode. Our tenet is the joint efforts that relies on joint-stock both sides, what create and breed our country transmission to use a field is medium high-end market.
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