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Get military Zhu Xiao to have with what science and technology makes valve of ne

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Zhejiang has the president Zhu Xiao of limited company of fluorine close valve, it is a farmer that teachs oneself a grow into useful timber, his intelligence an wisdom with oneself and study open assiduously a powerful person of the destiny. He is faced solve difficult problem of internationalization industry anticorrosion, slip into research meticulously to get together 4 fluorine ethylene pressure shape product of liner valve series, invention patent amounts to more than 10. And the new technology new product that research and development gives was had the honor to win " gold prize of exposition of new product of new technology of patent of the 9th China " , " gold prize of international of exposition of world of the 3rd Einstein " , " the 51st Brussels Youlika international gold prize " , " especially. Zhu Xiao has is a successful personage that moves toward inventor, expert, entrepreneur from the farmer. 5A5C8{cJ
Zhu Xiao has this year 41 years old, person of Wen Zhoulong bay, he helped parental doing 14 years old have farm work namely, he gift is clever and assiduous, work at the same time when the home, use the book of neighbour child at the same time, assiduous result is read after Lao Yuzhi. Perhaps be the passion that knowledge arouses him to do poineering work, perhaps be the means that adversity is forcing he wants to change life to live. B^ , #A | FM*

, he does enterprise justice to not have from the company return Gu Ligang to come out, in order to surmount the courage and insight with age person, want him aspire to do poineering work. He tells the author, when beginning deal, encountered economically difficulty not only, and still come the bias of numerous and lay sex and Leng Yan make a surprise attack, say what farmer child also learns business, not compensate principal just is blamed. But he still takes his route, make from the dicker of traditional pattern, although dicker cannot make how many money, but of the act vigorously of fortune source Yu Qin of a person and sweat accumulate, need wisdom more. Wade in sea of boundless and indistinct business in journey, his strictly enforce 10 thousand lis, went around most almost therein country. These let him know broad market and consumptive news. He not only eye shot is open, and the business also does bigger more, knack jumps over develop wider. As a child buying and selling is made, the person above average of course of study of person of the same trade is become after doing poineering work difficultly a few years. O2F FNXu

With fluorine become attached to, he achieves a career one time. B %&;)n2

Get together common of 4 fluorine ethylene weighs plastic king, 60 time pass into 20 centuries our country, use at national defence industry, because performance is good, support entrance price is high, local industry applies rarely. It is had anticorrosive fight corrode extremely strong performance. "~G#o

1985 autumn one day, zhu Xiao has fortuitous discovery get together 4 fluorine ethylene. Because this is business of an an unexpected winner, and business of an unexpected winner needs higher cost, but his be determined wants to try. Because he is informed from industry philtrum,get together anticorrosive material of 4 fluorine ethylene can do valve sealing ring and other the application of anticorrosive domain, its market potential is inestimable. At that time industry businessmen " low enter tower above " this is open secret, and Zhu Xiao has the way that opposes a person, execute small profits but quick turnover, breed much, norms is neat, occupational however very big get together together goods of 4 fluorine ethylene sells the market. 'Rk'O_.6Z
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