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Beijing loves health: Balance the inaugurator of career of a powerful person

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[net of Hc360 Hui Cong warms a refrigeration industry channel] 1988, china builds scientific academy air adjustment institute obtained attestation of technology of patent of balance a powerful person, to turn this technology product, this courtyard is registered established Beijing to love health environment technology to develop a company, devote oneself to to produce water of heat addition, air conditioning equilibrium adjustment product and offer hydraulic system to debug a technology integratedly evenly, initiated air conditioning of domestic heat addition hydraulic system balances a career, become the expert that balances domain of a powerful person. Today, let us walk into love health, will understand love health the career of balance a powerful person that pursue. PF-Q%}28.N


China builds scientific academy senior engineer, Beijing loves air adjustment institute a@]lA of Mr Bo Weiping of company of development of technology of Kang Huan condition | # €I

Hui Cong net: Just as its name implies, balancing a powerful person or family should be to use those who produce balance adjustment effect, what problem be aimed at and does what problem be aimed at and it need installation to use?

Bo Weiping: Love health, balance a powerful person of production basically applies at heat addition to supply cold hydraulic system, no matter be heat addition,still existing for cold system of academic design and actual construction be out of line problem, the result that such bringing about is a system is hydraulic and maladjusted, affect the heating of certain terminal user or refrigeration quality then. And it is OK that the installation that balances a powerful person or family is used the adjustment that undertakes discharge according to the specific requirement of some level unit is installed, achieve the discharge balance of hydraulic system thereby, assure to run efficiency.

Hui Cong net: What is the hydraulic and maladjusted appearance that you mention? By what is the element caused?

Bo Weiping: It is with the heating room system of a village exemple. Some users can reflect level of heating of room temperature short of, and the indoor environment that some users are enjoying temperature of tower above heating. This is hydraulic and maladjusted the most intuitionistic feeling that brings an user, be by the system hydraulic and maladjusted cause.

The account that this kind of phenomenon produces is academic design and actual construction be out of line. It is with heating room system exemple, the diameter of conduit is defeated by water that the discharge level of every unit terminal and place match a hydraulic system is the academic result that reachs through the engineer computation of the designing institute, and in actual construction process, the conduit that accords with with design diameter photograph often cannot be offerred on the market. What lead to unit of a heating to design place to need for instance is the conduit of a 180mm, and actual all conduit diameters are close to of 200mm most only. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, settlement way takes the conduit of 200mm to replace 180mm namely of course. According to hydraulics knowledge, the conduit obstruction of 200mm is less than the conduit obstruction of 180mm, certainly will of its unit discharge is more than theoretical calculation value, will be more than rated discharge through the actual flow of terminal of user of this conduit flow direction so. To system of a heat addition, the heating temperature of this user terminal will exceed heat addition level. And the network that a hydraulic system is mutual be connected to, the total water that pours out of in heat source measures changeless circumstance to fall, will affect the discharge of other user terminal, then affects the heat addition quality of these users.
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