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Henan is advanced engineer: Be like beggar for deficient of scientific research

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It is OK to claim if be used in the Yellow River to go up except sand,its invent achievement end Yellow River is illogical for years the history of large ship

One " deficient is like beggar: The shock weeps solid the home that takes a senior engineer of Chinese " card, make come from Henan to save the anxious papermaking that make city to pack total factory Chen Zhao of emeritus and senior engineer, became the heat that forum of greatly small recently network clicks. Is the Chen Zhao in reality like card place character really? True condition how? On April 4, the reporter is driven went to place to undertake investigating to this. WX3pD_

A senior engineer of the glean and collect scraps

The taxi is in cross channel of a railroad, after circling a turn again, sail went up the earthy road of a bumpy, stopped in doorway of a courtyard next, "That is anxious courtyard of family member of the paper mill that make city! "


Chen Zhao shows his engineer evidence, {rzMlE27

This is a building of rattletrap vintage family member, stack sundry corridor appears dark and crowded. 3 buildings Xihuyi on the window that carries this world on the back, without glass, a chimney appears on black wall.

"He went out, often not be in the home. " the window that first floor is making the middleaged lady of lunch pass through a kitchen is looking a reporter up and down curiously.

There is a bicycle inside corridor, the middleaged lady that still a moment ago was cooking walks out of the door to come, strike up a conversation actively with the reporter.

"His sweetheart is a retired teacher, regrettablly is a son invigorative disease, spend the saving in the home smooth. He himself is preferred again study invent a what thing, without money, be forced to pick garbage. " middleaged lady says. Chen Zhao collects bavin to make a fire inside the home cook, come and go with neighbour rarely.

"You look, came back. " middleaged lady one's voice in speech just fell, corridor mouth is in an old man to pushing an aggravating bicycle to go, of the bicycle right on hanging a bunch of shabby cord.

Chen Zhao's stature is not tall, look to still calculate spirit, the upper part of the body wore a blue slightly a little hoar Chinese tunic suit, the black cotton-padded shoes on the foot had been soaked by water half.

"Are you Huang Wei of the meeting? " Chen Zhao puts a bicycle at the same time, at the same time the source that affectionately is asking a reporter.

"Go, go upstairs. " after a simple word, he is carrying that bunch to collect the broken cord that come to go in front.

The home of model of a crowded scientific research

"When I just am free, just go out to collect bit of thing! "

A mildewy flavour straight thrust is rhinal, 3 rooms in one hall, tattered sundry occupy went major space. There are a few broken clubs in the kitchen, the cooking range that build by laying bricks or stones of a cement becomes is placed in the position that stands by the window, there is window lattice on the window, only a chimney is extended outdoor.
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