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Pan Xiuren: Be badly in need of solving ask for ground difficult question to hel

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"The county puts forward to develop advanced manufacturing industry energetically in governmental working report, cultivate industrial group actively, do make strong industry faucet greatly. This very the direction that accords with industrial development, a few enterprises of Ou north are paid close attention to. " when the Pan Xiuren that is elected as committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference for the first time accepts a reporter to interview without preamble. "{/N[2{fy
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Hold short for Zhejiang Province concurrently personally east the Pan Xiuren of the vice-chairman of countryside valve association of president of production limited company of valve of high middling pressure and Chinese pump valve thinks, the general issue that exists now is expanded reproduction of a lot of enterprise and do not ask for land, ou north has a lot of companies now, because do not ask for land to build factory building, affected the development of the enterprise thereby. In the meantime, also make a few enterprises must choose to develop to the other place accordingly. Ou north is in the majority with medium, small business at present, collectivize, go up the business of dimensions is not much, advance grow model medium and small businesses develops quickly, develop pillar property energetically, the guiding that this needs a government sector and give aid to. M$I68MQ0*qC= 2 W9% "
Regard a the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference as the committee member, pan Xiuren still pays close attention to the outstanding public security issue in building an activity in safety very much, hope government strengthens the management of pair of ab extra population, change the condition of disorder of Ou north public security thoroughly, let masses live and work in peace and contentment. T}kKO%.GZ

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