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Du Changchun of Chongqing Du Ke carries 70 box book to go back to the motherland

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Du Changchun of Du Ke weather strip "QUvI#/y.K

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President of company of weather strip of high pressure of Du Ke of Du Changchun Chongqing, postdoctoral adviser. Was born in Chongqing 1955, mixed 1977 was in respectively 1983 China in grain industry college and Chongqing university obtain machinist Cheng bachelor, master's degree. 1985 - studied abroad early or late 1995 university of Japanese Tokyo industry, British Birmingham university assiduously studies a doctor's degree, be in well-known company of much home world to be engaged in technical development and product management. Lifted a Hui Yu to establish in June 1995 company of Du Ke science and technology. Accepted investment of company of venture capital investment of China of subordinate of group of Japanese wild village in May 1999, establish company of weather strip of high pressure of Chongqing Du Ke, great skill breakthrough is obtained in weather strip domain, become before home is ranked 5 manufacturer. Its target is China's biggest weather strip company was become before 2010. Du Changchun says, du Ke company is striven for China's biggest weather strip was become to create a company 2010. / Bg5 Fvv2t
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The body be good at large, look is sturdy, big voice, readily fluent English, allow it seems that between utterance do not get any doubt. Postdoctoral adviser and " the sea returns " the identity, let Du Changchun of president of company of weather strip of high pressure of Chongqing Du Ke maintain a few mystery to feel before the public. Y:MM;[

"What is the news with Du Ke the biggest near future? " the reporter asks.

This boss of thinking fast scarcely answer of false thinking ground says, was to obtain China to weigh steam 70 % - the order of weather strip form a complete set of 80 % .

2004, because choose and employ persons is undeserved,produce experience inadequacy with batch, du Changchun nearly folds halberd in business sea, through the reform of two years of bold and resolute, obtained include Gong Yan to weigh steam, China to weigh steam, the company order such as car of cropland of boreal steam blessing, Chang'an, let this boss have the opportunity that turn over eventually, had again will " Du Ke is made become country the first, the weather strip enterprise of before the world 3 " courage and confidence.

Do poineering work 10 years, du Changchun ever complacent, bold and inhibited, also ever a few ups and downs, be forced almost hopeless situation. Du Changchun says, he has deep love for the Yangtse River and Jia Lingjiang, he learned as a child " pleasure is begged in surf " , never dread, also never admit defeat.

Book of 70 much box was taken when going back to the motherland
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