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Visit Zhang Jie of academician of professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, C

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Water is called to give birth to the source of the life by people. After incident of Songhua River water pollution, the problem of water, make the central point that the society pays close attention to again. X`l`zC@t, 

Defend uses water security, the Maecenas of the source of life people going all out in work in the cleanness that is water, pour into is all. Zhang Jie of academician of professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Engineering, our country's famous water treatment expert is a when highlight among them. #*75

For cleared groundwater iron manganese exceeds bid and try hard Pyv/ . B

Zhang Jie, the chemistry that changes a tradition eliminates manganese technique except iron, become biology solid manganese to eliminate manganese technique the first person, make our country considers to jump house international in this domain banner level, obtained national science and technology was rewarded 2005. *F[Me2^ , A

"Because paper of Ei, Sci is collected,I win award of national science and technology is not much, because was solved,produce real problem however. " Zhang Jie says: "Our regular meeting comes up against such phenomenon, groundwater is smoked after coming up, lay aside period of time to change to fizzle out or blacken slowly, such water is harmful, among them main reason contains iron manganese in water namely. " Zhang Jie says, although iron and manganese are material of human body nutrition, but much harmful to the body, the chronic of a few mankinds and iron manganese exceed mark to concern, and it is harmful and profitless on production to the industry such as such as spin, beverage. Because this iron manganese must be divided. "(T. -P

I save groundwater to occupy the 1/3 of water natural resources, and the 1/3 that contains iron to contain the groundwater of manganese to occupy groundwater again. 10 % groundwater of countrywide contain iron to contain manganese. "85 " during, zhang Jie with great concentration finished technology of biology solid manganese to consider, carrying a biology domestic and internationally to remove manganese mechanism first, since solving half century, groundwater eliminates manganese difficult problem, establish biology eliminates manganese technique, changed the current situation with divide manganese bad except manganese water works except iron. y:V! U0o

Dividing iron manganese before is to divide iron to divide manganese again first, and water gauge of very inaccessible drink allows manganese. Zhang Jie gets rid of together with biology law now iron manganese, iron, manganese purify is gotten very complete, at the same time flow saves an in part, total investment saves 1/3. With beautiful Mu Sishui factory is exemple, everyday 400 thousand tons of dimensions, with biology province of the manganese that divide iron issued many yuan 5000, at present this technology still resides international banner level. =l[j' Q
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