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Line of business of new Territories pump makes quick field: Local born and bred

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Big brook is China " the countryside of water pump " , but " pump king " Xu Min cropland very modest and, he always says, ancestors inheritance gives him his family property, lukewarm mountain big brook is his basis, his blessing ground. Zl-vI'l

1987, the father Xu Shanfu that makes quick field and person partnership established the small plant of machine of zephyr of water pump of a production, because farmer idea compares stale at that time, product unmanned make inquires, at a draught be in debt many yuan 30. 1991, xu Min cropland and father were comprised " corps of father and son " , found lukewarm mountain county factory of pump of the first screw, from now on, two footmark spread all over father and son Chinese country, endure a village door come to promote, installation. In Heibei when them a devious village is used when water pump takes clear water to hill, "New Territories card " in the bottom of one's heart that water pump began to walk into farmer brother truly. 5b CX_q]

Now, line of business of pump of Zhejiang new Territories limited company already was cover an area of a face to accumulate 50 thousand more than square metre, have stuff 700 much person, year produce of all kinds pump more than 80 joint stock company. "New Territories " brand is judged to be Zhejiang to save famous label, "New Territories " the product is judged to be " product of Zhejiang famous brand " and " the country avoids check product " .

Long-term since the trademark that a few companies always are registering factory of pump of renown look forward to undertakes the card is produced sticking, but because capital is fragile, the technology is backward, very difficult win initial success is own brand. 1998, making quick cropland become aware to regard civilian battalion as the enterprise is to be pulled " the cloth that cover a head " when. Meantime, new Territories undertakes the depart of droit and right of administration and enterprise interior human affairs are reformed, broke original familial formula to manage, executed quality inspection one ticket is overruled make, but heavy difficulty also was encountered among this, xu Min is wanting how to be put however in cropland heart long term angle big fish, he insists to think, want to be free from anxiety seriously only, "New Territories " this gold, regular meeting glow shines. "New Territories " this name wherefrom removes pump line of business to cry formally also noisy momently. Current, "New Territories " already had in the whole nation 300 many jobber and 2000 many distributors.

"New Territories " sit firmly Chinese small-sized sumbersible pump the first an ancient folding chair, making quick cropland say his two big a magic weapon is quality and brand. Quality is " new Territories " the source of life, the brand is the source that new Territories sale grows primely. Xu Min cropland always teachs employee, high quality product is not to examine come out, design what come out with production however. In the meantime, "New Territories " pump line of business still has do not become the regulation of article, employee commits the mistake of a screw on quality, with respect to the price that can pay a machine. So, "New Territories " the balance that there is to father to close quality in popular feeling, finish hard work from firm of every every link, detail.
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