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Without stannic tool: "One branch alone beautiful " market of control a powerful

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The Changjiang Delta famous city at the beginning of June does not have stannum, wood green, scenery happy person, in the breeze of summer, beijing Hangzhou canal and too lake water blue waves ripples, the flower is sweet 4 excessive. The reporter comes too the developing zone of economy of gourd ladle garden of lakefront, favour interviewed the home that is located in here to dominate a powerful person or family banner supplier -- tool controls a project oneself (without stannum) general manager of limited company Yu Xuejun.

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Tool controls a project oneself (do not have stannum) Yu Xuejun of limited company general manager


Act on understanding tool to control a project oneself (without stannum) program of dominant position of the development course of limited company, main product, market and prospective development, the develops a tendency purpose that discusses whole China to control feature of industry of a powerful person and likelihood jointly at the same time, oneself of our enterprise of conversational much attention and industry whole circumstance two respects: % €q 2lwGW{

Reporter: Tool (Koso) control a project oneself (without stannum) limited company (next abbreviation " the tool that do not have stannum " ) held water 1993, it is Japanese tool company limited is in China exclusive and solely invested enterprise, stannic tool is not being had in 14 years had been the mainstream supplier with Chinese banner market, do you think into which a few phase your development can be divided roughly?

Yu Xuejun: 1993-1996 year the getaway that is the tool that do not have stannum level, namely the market extends phase, this also is development needs the first phase of classics.

1997-2002 year it is the 2nd level that we develop quickly, in this one phase, the sales revenue that did not have stannic tool 1997 has achieved 100 million yuan, sale achieved 250 million yuan 2002. At the same time 2002, the tool that do not have stannum removes from the old the site of factory of the city zone that do not have stannum developing zone of present gourd ladle garden.

2003-2007 year, be the tool that do not have stannum develop level steadily, this phase came true without stannic tool average and annual the growth rate of 15%-20% . The sale that did not have stannic tool 2006 achieves 600 million yuan.

Predict to begin from 2008, to 2010, the tool that do not have stannum will enter the 4th phase. We had been in the place of 15 kilometers bought the site with current distance 50 mus of land, basically use at produce and expanding of new product to produce can. After predicting put into production of new 2008 site, will make produce can increase 5000 / year, year sale will increase 100 million yuan. New plant area has branch building for 4, the product of control a powerful person of main production includes:
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