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Valve " hand-hold portable telephone " of one mind should do pump eldest child

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Origin: Xinhua net author: HXTvN of clank of Zhang Yanting teach

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More than winner speaks on sale conferenceR'-e0r_3=

Champion decodes: Just established 1996 industrial fine energy group, grow quickly for " promising young person " . By 2002, the sale of fine energy group has been close to two 100 million, become Zhejiang to save the biggest valve to produce one of businesses. 2003, fine energy group bought water pump of 8 old old brand to produce a business -- Nanjing La Shen group, the go under water that fine fine produces nowadays, sewage pump is in total national capital is count as one of the best. AKxub)Y

Of the countryside of valve " hand-hold portable telephone "

Appear in when countless billboard at the moment, intuition tells me, 3 bridges industrial district went to Wen Zhou. In these billboard, valve advertisement is most, fine fine can be in the countryside of valve shows itself, have its original recipe for certain.

Bypass the product showroom of fine fine (introduce according to the staff member, fine energy group is the company that place creates product showroom the earliest) , come to office building, conference sitting room is simple and do not miss atmosphere, a company establishs what the friend gives first " 35 " plate big handleless cup, "Tick tick " the harships course that accompanied a company to had gone 10 years.

The middleaged man with a tan color of skin, the stride walks into conference sitting room. "Before two days go Hainan plays, suntanned, I feel to compare health so, black without Gu Tianle still nevertheless. Hahahaha... " laughing bright and clearly, it is president more than winner, wearing T compensate, took a small crew cut, very kind.

President office, in bookcase, still put a very chic small valve besides the book. See the reporter has fun at, more than winner cannot help be being taken, go up in the hand playing, have its background to reporter introduction: "This is enterprise of a foreign country will have something made to order in our factory, I feel to resemble an artwork, did more, stay make commemoration day. "

Have the courage to think dare do, 3 court decide the issue of the battle did not come

Divine action: Do poineering work for many times be thwarted, dedicated make valve

1990, beijing should hold an Asia Game. "The opportunity came, I think stadium is so big, if produce binoculars to sell, business affirmation is very pretty good. " had idea, more than winner follows the brother with a few bounteous economy, raised money 559 money, prepare to work energetically.

"We just often come off work in the middle of the night come home, the following day before dawn gets up at 34 o'clock again continue the factory works. Big bridge of lukewarm at that time city has not been built good, must go the long way round road, the road ability that rides a few kilometers reachs a plant. About a hundred jins mould, oneself go with bicycle belt. " telescopic eventually make it. But, during the Asia Game, as a result of a variety of reasons, they cannot present more than winner at all Beijing city. Had become plus the product of lukewarm at that time city fake the pronoun of the product, goods cannot take off a hand, more than winner became businessmen of lukewarm city elder not to tell the victim of sincere letter.
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