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Valve of big profit of Qiu of water king valve opens fortune billow to come slow

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Qiu Dali's friend tells a reporter under the counter, say he does not smoke, do not drink, do not hit mahjong, even somebody is curious so not " the ways of the world " boss, nowadays talks about the business with what means. Qiu Dali replies lightly, valve is the core product in an equipment, quality is very important, this is me " cards in one's hand " .

Fill build rubbish path gain " the first pail of gold " because domestic condition is poor, 1980, read tall the Qiu Dali discontinue one's studying of one comes home. To fend, he does obeisance to thing lake to build a line one experienced worker learns mason. In this profession, people goes person 3 years commonly, and Qiu Dali agrees conscientiously to get, gave division one year. 1983, qiu Dali follows the understanding when construction group works everywhere arrives, 12 high-rise that Wuhan city has a bazaar to build be about to when complete, discover without the design rubbish actually, bring about a building to cannot throw operation. And fill build labor of rubbish path project, pay is not high also, be willing to receive without the construction team. After Qiu Dali knows, run to find engineering unit, say to be willing to receive this next work, the other side sees cannot find appropriate construction team, also by Qiu Dali move cordially, the decision lets him try. In the time of a month, 3 when Qiu Dali takes with him prentice, every Nature's engineering makes more than 15 hours, just give the project drove come out, as it happens lets bazaar be driven in booked time practice. 9^1u? Ky

This " dicker " , individual of Qiu big profit is pure earned 1800 yuan, also be the first pail of gold with strange another person. Borrow money to give high price to change everywhere after controlling company of an awful mess, he is entered to Xinjiang construction market swing, because the project of negotiate cancels temporarily, had a deficit unexpectedly 30 thousand yuan of artificial living cost. 1988, he does business work to the village, in Wuhan city plant of the 5th valve runnings when business, outstanding achievement is climbed successively litre, undertake the whole thing all the year round business the first. 1998, because market competition is intense, valve factory is shut because of managing not to be pooh-poohed to be faced with, the decision in the village lets valve factory change make seek to live on. Ud$OfW | Y5?

1998 around, the fire of large water and electricity of national new mount a horseElectrical engineeringCheng is less, valve industry also suffers an effect, ceaselessly the person of the same trade closes down, annex. Run outside at ordinary times business, qiu Dali often communicates with the person of the same trade, everybody thinks the development of the industry has case have it is very normal to fall, valve plant future should have perspective. Include Qiu Dali inside, 5 people want to take over valve factory. Compete at the beginning, qiu Dali puts forward, oneself are willing pay gold of 150 thousand yuan of risks, hand in 200 thousand yuan profit every year. In all competitor, his offer a price is top, successful next dish of valve factories. In gold of these 150 thousand yuan of risks, having 130 thousand yuan is Qiu Dali everywhere borrowed. CiV  ? ON^A8
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