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Fang Daorui of yellow project machine: "Pump valve the Warring States " the time

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Channel of industry of valve of pump of net of textual Hui Cong, chinese valve net matchs graph u G&`H

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Fang Daorui of yellow project machine &Dx}}miE

Fang Daorui, the one name that has distinguishing feature individually, because the family is devotional Christian, reason names for her " path " word. She young fizzles out in Chinese · project machinery group holds the position of a selling manager. She likes to laugh, also like powdery color euqally with a lot of girls, a little small still lazy like sport not quite. She is had deep love for and enjoy oneself job and life, the happiest thing in the job is received namely order, reach trade, and in the life, annulus swims the world is her greatest dream. We let walk into she and her enterprise below. 7`t" . J M
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Hui Cong net: Introduce you oneself to be experienced with your individual first please. ^d1i? 8oy)_
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  Fang Daorui: Everybody is good, I call Fang Daorui, this year 22 years old. I basically pursue product sale and job of company data management in the company. Cug gRem,
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  Hui Cong net: Ask you to introduce your development course simply. FeG8w~7Yf^0
  Fang Daorui: Group of machinery of Chinese · Huang Gong only then built 1981, industrial garden covers an area of a face to accumulate 19800 square metre, floor area 15800 square metre, total assets 100 million multivariate, employee 508 people, technical personnel 58 people, among them advanced title 16 people, enjoy allowance of the State Council 2 people. Group subordinate 7 accuse to join a company greatly, it is collect design, development, make, sale, service at an organic whole, reach all sorts of valve to give priority to with pump of gear of fuel feed pump of pump of all sorts of double, 3 screw, low-pressure gear, high pressure, vavuum pump guide of the product specialization large-scale production manufacturer. XRINm5p ? 7
The company introduces abroad's most advanced technology, with joint development of domestic top-ranking university, win multinomial country patent, outside province be thinkinged company of new and high technology, depend on personnel of technology of high quality project and employee, the computer is information management technique, excellent facilities, strict detect and personal integrity, the company achieves ship's classification society of Iso9001 international certificate of quality, China early or late marine certificate of products, medium oil, medium the honor such as company of member of market of resource of petrifaction goods and materials, the flying development that is a company laid solid foundation. / Ur#RuTMG
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