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The Fuzhou City: Sewage disposal cost drafts tone to reach 0.8 yuan / ton

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The job of division of total market price that Fuzhou daily reporter holds from March 29 and party conduct Lianzheng build working conference to learn, total level of price of the Fuzhou City anticipates adjusting control looks demarcate is this year 4. 5 % are controlled. Liang Jianyong of members of standing committee of Fuzhou municipal Party committee, deputy mayor attends the meeting. s JrSaxf1

Sewage disposal cost drafts tone # 6LsZGn*

The Fuzhou City will adjust plan at sewage disposal will putting forward to expend rate before the bottom in June this year, each county (city) also should leave in the round collect sewage disposal fee, each county (city) upper section signs up for before sewage disposal cost adjusts plan to want to be by May. It is reported, cost of sewage disposal of the Fuzhou City adjusts plan preliminary it is surely 0 from now. 45 yuan of / ton rise 0. 8 yuan of / ton. p Fh z=o_

Expenses of adduction of whole town limits is general showFhs:8vv

The Fuzhou City collects fees what set to be not being accorded with undertake clearing, will country, province already collected fees 103 times when public proclamation cancels project and level fall to real point, will collect fees at the same time fair show a system to expand from the country city, execute in the round inside whole town limits collect fees fair show. Right special collect fees, key choice judicatory, environmental protection, technology is supervised wait for a branch to collect fees undertake clearing. *BC? CjT 

Establish the price sincere letter archives HR N)eXj

It is reported, fuzhou will be in this year the industry such as retail, meal, glasses, gem, tea advances furniture, medicines and chemical reagents energetically " demonstrative inn of plain code actual price " promotion works. Prices branch still discloses, establish the attempt the price database of sincere letter archives, rely on 12358 platform to establish the price record of sincere letter information announces a system. ] ^Do: ?

It is reported, was in last year concerned experience farming the price and collect fees, education collects fees, in a series of special inspections such as medical treatment service and drug price, investigate illegal income in all many yuan 2000. JcgL[ ,

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