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Measure of macroscopical adjusting control will publish exert oneself to nod one

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These days, come about the message blow on the face of " of economic " heat, show macroscopical economy upsurges possibly still further. A few important facets stated economy goes pair this year in succession of situation anxious, although also state a discretion is hopeful. The following signal are particularly notable.

Before before long, magenshidanli the whole world is presiding economic division Stephen Luoji ever raised a cost with industry add fast breathtaking still to Chinese economy " heat " is made measure, this year 1 to in Feburary, chinese industry raises a cost than last year the corresponding period increases 16.9% , this speed has been close to before last year two months to increase the level of 19.4% , in the position that Chinese economy still increases at high speed.

Central Bank respect, week coulee president also expresses when accepting People's Daily reporter to interview, the pressure that prices rises did not alleviate at all:  predicts  Jin Zou of glow of persimmon of  of extensive exuviate  is thin in oil price of international of? of  Nao brightness Song and house of price of a few important raw material do not fall high, these increased prospective uncertainty. And assistant president Wu Xiaoling also points out fixed assets investment and estate develop investment to still not allow before this hopeful.

Hair change appoint director Ma Kai is in recent Tsinghua speech, think task of macroscopical adjusting control is more formidable than last year even, gave out up to now most intense warning: Box of epiphysis of Zhang of La of dusk of patch up an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise asks You of approach Quan  banner widow? will be cloggy the implementation of comparatively well-off 2020 target. The newest report of this branch also thinks the impulse that invests dilate currently is relatively intense still, control has invested the gate of fast dilate to still cannot be loosened.

These information enough offer the consensus that upsurges about macroscopical economy to people.

But notable is, we notice, what just use each all is the formulation of local overheat, the case may be really such. Integrated the data of two months comes the head this year look, cpi rises 2.9% , ppi rises 5.6% . Even of consumptive price index is satisfactory, from recently information looks, ppi may be in a few months will have henceforth relatively Dashangsheng, but may not can conduct Cpi adequately. Can discover, 2004 data is medium first quarter, ppi is 14.6% , but Cpi has 2.1% only. So two index may appear to deviate from significantly, and the data that surveys before this year two months, ppi rises to still have very large space possibly alone. Accordingly, future appears really possibly domain of data of this kind of production upsurges and final consumable price changes not big case.

Because its Central Plains may be, the one part dilate of productivity is to satisfy the need that export increases, another reason is, look from industrial structure, china is changing the level that changes change to heavy industry at light industry, of course still the violent wind of raw material price such as international crude oil and iron ore rises. Such, although we know the yield of general consumable can be already superfluous, but the bottleneck that produces data branch to make national economy however. Below action of mechanism of market supply and demand, while general consumable price keeps stable, the price that produces a material is resided possibly however do not fall high. Accordingly, the key of macroscopical adjusting control depends on producing segment only probably, is not whole economy system.
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