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" Shanghai landscape water system plans " caught municipal government give an of

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The give an official according to Shanghai government (Shanghai government office [2005]24 date) , in the construction of landscape water system, should make full use of water system of whole town existing a network of waterways, control a bank through prevent floods by water control, add green add scene, compose is built " one vertical, one horizontal stroke, 4 annulus, 5 corridor, 6 lakes " frame of landscape water system. Among them, "One vertical " for yellow Pu Jiang (Wu Song mouth, black bamboo garden) , "One horizontal stroke " for Suzhou river (yellow Pu Jiang, outer shroud on the west river) , "4 annulus " for on the west annulus, east river of annulus, outer shroud, Chong Minghuan island, "5 corridor " collect harbor, form sediment for great order river, gold harbor of Pu He, oily mound, plain Yang He, "6 lakes " lake of the hill that it is form sediment, drop water lake, bright phearl lake, north lake, east beach lake, golden hill lake. ~ ? QT-9]G
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According to program of landscape water system, overall planning of above sea city is guidance, with Jiang He lake sea water system is a foundation, it is a basis with division into districts of water environment function, in order to ensure safety of urban flood prevention is premise, on the base that increasing river of yellow Pu Jiang, Suzhou to be administered integratedly, attemper integratedly through accelerating catchment resource, houseboat of landscape and view scene, inland river is recreational the construction of landscape water system that waits for a function to be an organic whole, repair of road of the brook in be helpful for driving and accelerate coastal afforest landscape to build, combine inside information of Shanghai history culture, build as metropolitan as Shanghai internationalization figure to suit " water Qing Dynasty, bank green, scene beauty, You Chang " Oriental water is new landscape, the development of the tourism on stimulative Shanghai water, estate of development Shanghai yacht and drive real estate to go up new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. SN'QgCNm ? 

Make preparations around what world rich meets, program near future is continueing to advance environment of river of development of two sides of yellow riverside river, Suzhou integrated punish while, professional program and area develop a program related union, start river of river of executive Huang Pu, Suzhou, Bai Lianjing on the west paragraph, outer shroud on the west river of river, Chong Minghuan island, great order river, gold collects the landscape such as Pu He of harbor, form sediment paragraph construction. *M5? 4=Z €

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