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Construction ministry states urban water quality detects the project will add 66

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Build Zhang Yue of vice director of department of ministry city building 30 days to say, new " water standard of urban water supply " will carry out since June 1, compare with photograph of active level of state of life drinking water, this standard raises taller requirement to water quality, detect the project raises 101 by 35.

Zhang Yue says, new standard is aimed at industrial discharge and the trend that pesticide pollutes aggravate, those who increased pair of organic contaminant and pesticide detect project, among them organic matter index adds 27 kinds from 2 kinds of in the past. Be aimed at the use of the disinfectant in water treatment, this standard increased offset poisonous by-product detect project, make rigid limitation. In the meantime, the discovery in the water supply at the beginning of 90 time of United States of new standard derive is invisible the lesson in spore, increased pair of protozoon kind of virus body detect project, but consider this kind of project detect the demand is higher, give out enterprise of each district water supply chrysalis of a year. ;7% =8n

"Of new standard carry out will drink for common people on healthy, clean, high grade water provides safeguard. " Zhang Yue says. s9YFGO

He says, the dot of water quality evaluation of new standard is " bibcock water " , in building a branch to be able to walk into dweller home, sample detect, detect than original tubal net, can ensure the safety using water of common people more. Af}:J1~ ]

Zhang Yue says, arrive from now the transition June 1 period inside, the water supply enterprise of countrywide each district should increase investment, improve technology, with achieving the requirement of new standard as soon as possible. From works of fountainhead, water, match conduit net to arrive 2 times water supply establishment, each link must be controlled strictly. B &m;2UQ

Active " standard of sanitation of life drinking water " carry out at was being promulgated 1985. NWJH4Xb? M

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