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Sichuan Lu city begins " collect along with water " rubbish handles cost

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Government of people of city of classics Lu state is approved, since March 1, 2005, the rubbish processing fee of this city will be adopted " collect along with water " means, wu of water of You Luzhou town (group) limited company is collected for you, the standard uses water to press every tons 0.2 yuan of collection. zS@K22fk

The rubbish of Lu state city handles cost to rise from May 2004, section of in relief area of river of You Luzhou city, Long Matan knits community to press dweller number each every months 2 yuan of collection. This kind " the collection that press a person " impose kind not only workload is big, cost is high, and not easy operation, the effect is not ideal also.  ! (Cy/ G=
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Act on the principle that operates handily, effectively, easily, bureau of canal of town of city of classics Lu state, Bureau of Finance is serious survey, made new rubbish collect fees method. New expropriation the economic pressure that the standard reduced resident of Lu state city greatly. A 3 common home, want every months to pay 6 yuan of rubbish to handle cost before, now if use 6 tons of water every months, need to pay 1.2 yuan of rubbish to handle cost only.  ! [4 04q

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