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Beijing regulation: Irrigate greenbelt with tap water highest punish 5000 yuan

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Will rise on May 1, beijing greenbelt irrigates, fountain of the landscape inside village unit ought to use water with water or second birth water, do not get use tap water, will be in otherwise with highest 5000 yuan amerce punishment. Of edition of the sunrise that occupy 1 " Beijing recreation believes a newspaper " report, promulgate formally on March 31 " Beijing is managing the method that use water " the landscape environment that makes clear interior of instruction residence village, unit first and other and municipal miscellaneous with with water, must use water or second birth water, will be in otherwise with 1000 yuan of above 5000 yuan of the following amerce. " method " at the same time requirement afforest encourages use rainwater and the second birth water that accord with requirement of the water quality that use water with water, reduce use tap water stage by stage.

In addition, " method " detailed to also undertaking with water with water unit regulation. The requirement uses water unit to ought to use water index to use water according to the year of make known to lower levels of branch of section conduit manage. The water consumption that exceed, divide according to solid outside handing in water to expend, still will execute diploid collection the progressive charge that increase price. Exceed compasses destiny to estimate the share under 20 % , according to the collection of one times standard of water price; Exceed compasses destiny to measure 20 % to come the part of 40 % , according to the duple standard collection of water price. If exceed compasses destiny to estimate the share of 40 % above, press collection of 3 times standard. - s? 23 R"w

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