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Shaanxi province uses foreign capital project of the largest water supply is abo

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Shaanxi province uses the water supply project with the biggest foreign capital -- water supply of town of Shaanxi provincial capital uses project of Japanese government loan to be expected to carry out. ;m, MKG$oev

On March 29, government of Sino-Japanese two countries signed 2004 year Japan to be opposite China loan government exchange of notes. On March 30, cooperative bank of national treasury department and Japan signs amount to be the loan agreement of eighty-five billion eight hundred and seventy-five million yen, among them project of water supply of town of Shaanxi provincial capital is 7.7 billion yen (add up to a RMB about five hundred and seventy-eight million nine hundred and fifty thousand yuan) , this is helpful for solving Shaanxi provincial capital to press down the problem with water supply insufficient capital, mean Shaanxi provincial capital to press down water supply to use project of Japanese government loan to be about to carry out at the same time. DO[kt"V=XG

The water resource that Shaanxi province may use is very few, add capital inadequacy, provincial water supply popularity rate is inferior. Since 2000, shaanxi province throws 1.5 billion yuan of RMBs to undertake water supply ability is built in all, make water supply population adds present 3.44 million person by original 2.42 million person. However, as a result of fountainhead ageing of establishment of aggravate of insufficient, water pollution, water supply, city develops and the element such as population growth is restricted, shaanxi saves city of 100 many organizational system, county in, still 70 % are put in water supply shortage apparently. The Shaanxi province the central Shaanxi plain that this project is in and North Shaanxi area all belong to the area with water shortage of water natural resources, difficult, raise water supply ability and improvement water supply water quality already was extremely urgent. To cast off the capital difficult position that town water supply builds, province government applied for this project loan to Japanese government. (U: €": OR=8,

This project is to be south Xi'an, Xian Yang, short for Weihe River, 13 city in city of Lin Liu of treasure chicken, copper plain, Yu, county (classify) construction fountainhead, be defeated by conduit path, clean (match) water works, match conduit net, improve the water supply infrastructure of 13 counties town with this, provide the high grade water of on the safe side for project area, provide admirable surroundings and water supply safeguard to local socioeconomy develops in the round and progress. Project total investment is nine hundred and forty-nine million five hundred and ninety thousand yuan of RMBs, yen loan occupies the 61 % that always invest about. The project is built period 3 years, the copy is complete 2007, include build clean (match) water works 19, construction is defeated by water to run 672 kilometers, after building, can increase capacity of day water supply newly 625 thousand stere, make project area 1.72 million person is benefited, socioeconomy development checked contented project area 2010 the demand of water supply.
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